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The demand for biological marine materials is growing as manufacturers respond to focused consumer demands for marine-derived nutraceuticals and drugs. This challenges us at BMS to source diverse materials for research and development purposes. 220 more words

The biggest changes begin microscopically

By Pedro Escudero, President, Buggypower

The future of mankind – and our nutrition – lies not on the land, but in the oceans. This is a bold claim to make, but it is one supported by compelling evidence. 306 more words


What are Nutraceuticals and How Can They Help Me? - Doctors Supplement Store

Nutraceuticals is a term that can be used to describe a wide variety of products that are enriched with additional nutrients. The purpose of this…

Healthy ageing is big – but how do you connect with someone in denial?

By Peter Wennstrom, Founder & Expert Consultant, The HealthyMarketingTeam

Right now, healthy ageing seems to be on everyone’s agenda – including my own! But, for the nutrition industry, there is a challenge: namely that the target group for healthy ageing products is a demographic that doesn’t really want to be reminded of why it is being targeted. 536 more words


Smartfbo Launches new software Tool FOSSIL- Mini for Food Business Operators

Smartfbo have recently launched our software Tool- FOSSIL-Mini – (Food Operators Safety Standards Intelligent Lookup) with enhanced features.

Fossil Mini, is a miniature version of Fossil Tool. 44 more words

Notification issued by FSSAI regarding Proprietary Foods.

Proprietary food – Any food that has no existing standards  in the regulation and does not include novel foods, foods for special dietary uses, functional foods, nutraceuticals , health supplements… 290 more words

FSSAI’s ban on maggi noodles unreasonable: Nestle to Supreme Court

NEW DELHI: Nestle BSE -0.26 % India on Friday opposed in the Supreme Court a plea by the food regulator to stay a Bombay High Court order that allowed the company to resume sales of Maggi noodles in the country if fresh laboratory tests found the product fit for human consumption. 442 more words