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Osteoarthritis and nutrition. From nutraceuticals to functional foods: a systematic review of the scientific evidence


The scientific and medical community remains skeptical regarding the efficacy of nutrition for osteoarthritis despite their broad acceptation by patients. 2,531 more words

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Other than your relationship with God, the most important step you can take toward achieving your greatest potential in life is to discover that you are in full control of your attitude.

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Why should you choose a Powder over a Tablet/Pill or Liquid

Why should you choose a Powder over a Tablet/Pill or Liquid, for an “All In One” nutritional supplement?”

To begin, the delivery system by which vitamins, minerals and countless nutrients are introduced to the intestines will have a profound effect in how much and how soon ‘usable nutrition’ ends up in your bloodstream. 857 more words

Reflections on guest lectures performed by Dr. Furong Tian overviewing the relevance of nanotechnology for drug delivery and Dr. Christine O’Connor overviewing Metal Drugs for multi-model applications

Dr. Furong Tian has a Bachelor’s degree in medicine, a master’s in Biochemistry and a PhD in Chemistry currently working as the assistant lecturer in Dublin Institute of Technology while continuing research in the field of Nanotechnology for different disease treatments and diagnostics where Dr. 1,275 more words

The cannabidiol challenge

At the end of 2016, legislators in the US and Europe made new attempts to regulate cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive component of cannabis. But what does this mean for manufacturers and distributors, and what scope do consumers have to realise the health benefits of hemp products? 1,767 more words


Nutra Tamasha - The great weight-loss hoax - Part 1.

Tamasha: In India it means “farce”.

Obesity: In the world of nutraceuticals, it means “cash-cow”.

Nutra-peddlers can always count on your irrational obsession with your waistline – to improve their bottomline. 513 more words


The Great Nutraceutical Tamasha

Tamasha:  A word known across India. It means “farce”.

Nutraceutical:  Modern catch-word used to describe a confusingly wide range of allegedly healthful products that are allegedly derived from food, or from medicinal plants disguised as food, or offal, glandular secretions, organs, tissue and heaven-knows-what-else, and are allegedly safe and allegedly efficacious. 269 more words