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A critical review of the research paper wrote by Robert Langer – “Where a pill won’t reach - How to get drugs where they need to go” for the Scientific American, Inc in 2003.

This paper was written by Professor Robert Langer of MIT, who has written and published over 1300 scientific articles in the fields of Drug Delivery, Chemistry, Biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals, making him the most cited engineer in History [1]. 1,256 more words

Smart Metabolic Energy Drink: Bios Life E

What is Smart Energy – Bios Life E?

There are energy drinks, and now there’s a Smart Energy drink! Which would you rather have?

Bios Life E not only provides the energy you need-but is actually good for you! 571 more words


Neigene | The Science Of Your Beauty

There are a lot of beauty products in this world, or at least products that claim 206 more words

What Makes Unimate So Special?

Unimate helps elevate your day with its beneficial ingredients that work to provide a source of peace, productivity, and happiness. Two key ingredients in Unimate are theobromine and chlorogenic acid. 250 more words


The Origins Of Unimate

Unimate brings together tradition and innovation for an exceptional new experience. We take the yerba mate 419 more words