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Nutrient Cycle for Sitra with Gaia Consulting

Nutrient cycle analysis for the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra

Gaia Consulting calculated how much economical loss is made if nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus aren’t recycled properly… 121 more words

Participants needed for online survey about sustainable urban and peri-urban food provision!

SUPURBFOOD is an international research project carried out by a consortium of ten research and ten SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) partners, in which novel solutions to urban and peri-urban food provision have been examined in three thematic areas. 119 more words


Fun in the Forest

Oh hi friends! I decided it was time to revitalize this blog and continue posting updates on all of my environmental adventures. This summer I will be living in Petersham MA for 11 weeks working in Harvard Forest. 612 more words


Nutrient pollution can harm stream ecosystems in previous unknown ways

It has long been known that nutrient pollution – the overloading of chemicals such as nitrogen and phosphates from sources such as agricultural fertilisers – can have potentially harmful effects on freshwater ecosystems.  616 more words


Water Bears on Ice: Guest blog by Jesamine Bartlett

Huge thanks to Jesamine Bartlett – a recent MSc graduate from the University of Sheffield who has been working on Tardigrade research – for providing this introduction to the weird world of water bears… 1,876 more words


What do you do if you have a vegetable and annuals growing in your garden?

Vegetables and annuals love bacterial dominate soils. Bacteria feeds the plants all of the nitrates that are needed to continue their life cycle. If you see a lot of earthworms or earthworm castings you most likely have a bacterial dominate soil and everything is going well. 175 more words

Circular economy in diagrams: where logic breaks down and where financial incentives can work

Are your circle economy diagrams confusing your audience? This article aims to help you communicate clearly. As a staunch aficionado of reaching a resilient economy through sustainability I am all for circle economy thinking- if it ensures people get food on the table and a roof over their heads. 1,241 more words

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