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Toot, Toot MTHFR

I hate to toot my own horn buttt….Toot, Toot. I’m sorry I just had to. You have to have some kind of humor when you’re dealing with such madness. 283 more words


Canine Nutrigenomics - The New Science of Feeding Your Dog for Optimum Health by W. Jean Dodds, Diana R. Laverdure

A wonderfully comprehensive (mostly) look at the budding science of nutrigenomics for dogs -though just as easily applicable to us humans!

Dodds covers a lot of ground in this book, looking at how nutrition effects the expression of genes (epigenetics) and the very best ways to harness this new information to create total health and disease prevention in our dogs. 458 more words



This has been a long road but I really feel like I am edging closer and closer to getting answers. Through my own research and listening to my body I figured out I have a major intolerance to foods high in histamines and as far as I know I have my whole life. 269 more words


Everybody's got to start somewhere...

Over the past year or so I probably have had as much difficulty getting started with a blog as most people do starting off a new diet: I’m not sure I have time/I don’t really know what I’m going to do/not sure whether there’s any point/only doing it because everyone tells me I should… It’s surprisingly similar! 904 more words


Wednesday (Nutrition Research Trends) Nutrigenomics

The science of nutrigenomics seeks to use the relationship between diet, lifestyle, and gene expression to answer the question, “Why do some people get sick, but not others?”  For instance, pomegrante juice has been investigated for its potential to affect gene expression to influence the development of diseases such as prostate cancer, breast cancer, and diabetes.         106 more words