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My Experience with Genetic Testing

When diets that seem to work for everyone else dont work for you, what can you do?

Sometimes finding the right diet plan can feel like shopping for jeans.  699 more words


Nutrigenomics and Omega 3 - is the knowledge make us choose differently?

Toady I wanted to present a paper that I saw on Friday just coming out form the journal “Nutrients” [Nutrients 2017, 9, 240]. As we discussed before the aim of the Nutrigenomics is to reviled the genetic basis of why people are responding differently to same nutrients and/or food. 579 more words


GUEST POST: Happiness...Could the Key be in Your Genes

Written by Stephanie Correa
Original found here: http://onthegowellnesscoaching.com/articles/happinesscould-the-key-be-in-your-genes

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Many people I know would be surprised to find out I’ve struggled with depression throughout my life. 1,213 more words

Can my genes determine the best type of diet for me?

Welcome to the world of nutrigenomics! This emerging science combines the study of nutrition and genetics to reveal the different ways people respond to food, based on their genetic make-up. 396 more words


Introduction to the Nutrigenomic

This week I wanted to introduce you to my main interest, which is the connection between the food and nutrients we consume and the genes and the balance between them. 365 more words


3 Foods that help in fat loss, muscle growth and longevity!

We all know that plants provide an array of benefits from the nutrients they are composed of. In addition to fiber, vitamins and minerals they can also contain molecules utilized by essential biochemical pathways within the human body. 948 more words


Nutrigenomics—the Future of Personal Health

Have you ever wondered why a certain diet worked wonders for your best friend, but you didn’t lose any weight?

Or why one twin develops Type II diabetes, but the other twin doesn’t? 704 more words

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