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Wednesday (Nutrition Research Trends) Nutrigenomics

The science of nutrigenomics seeks to use the relationship between diet, lifestyle, and gene expression to answer the question, “Why do some people get sick, but not others?”  For instance, pomegrante juice has been investigated for its potential to affect gene expression to influence the development of diseases such as prostate cancer, breast cancer, and diabetes.         106 more words


High-fat diet made Inuits healthier but shorter thanks to gene mutations, study finds

The team specifically looked at genetic markers previously found to be associated with heart disease and metabolic disorders and identified a cluster of genes that had undergone a lot of changes in Greenlandic Inuits compared to the two other populations.

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FITERAZZI MAGAZINE (February 24, 2015) – With the New Year comes new diet trends and health fads that promise to get you fit and feeling healthy. 550 more words


Explaining Feel Good Nutrigenomics

Studies such as Shamsuddin’s, however, never yield results of 100% certainty. All the mice receiving inositoldid not avoid tumors. All the mice eating a regular diet did not develop cancer. 312 more words



This is the integration of genomic science with nutrition and, when possible, other lifestyle variables such as cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption. Today’s biologists concede that neither nature nor nurture alone can explain the molecular processes that ultimately govern human health. 121 more words