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DNA Up in Smoke

What’s the Story?

In reading through the news this week, you may have come across reports of a recent study which reports that a smoking habit can harm your DNA. 329 more words

Diet and Nutrition Fundamentals

What is nutrition really about? I have often been asked this question, and being a broad topic, it is difficult for me to explain it in a nutshell. 274 more words

Biotechnology and nutrigenomics. Build your own produce!

We are often unaware of just how much technology effects how we consume and what we consume. Throughout history, technological advancements in selective breeding and agricultural biotechnology have created the resource abundance and availability that Australia enjoys today. 618 more words


Personalized Nutrition using DNA Analysis

Nutrigenomics is the scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes, especially with regard to the prevention or treatment of disease. There is even a Canadian company called… 641 more words


The Choice to get Cancer

“You have breast cancer” must be one of the most startling statements one could hear.

The room goes silent, you know the doctor is continuing to talk, proposing a course of action I imagine, but you don’t hear a single word. 512 more words


Reducing Carbohydrate Intake

Lately, I’ve been trying to reduce the carbohydrates (mainly refined carbs) in my daily meal routine and increase fats and protein intake.  Through this journey I have discovered how addicted I am to carbs, and feel for anyone trying to make any kind of switch in their nutritional intake. 400 more words

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