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I Can't Remember - A Natural Approach to Dementia

Memory loss is NOT a normal part of aging but is, unfortunately, a common one. According to the Canadian Alzheimer’s Society as of 2015, 47.5 million people worldwide are living with dementia (that’s more than the total population of Canada). 746 more words

Naturopathic Medicine

Holy cool DNA Batman!

Nutrigenomics – the new (actually not so new) kid on the block.

“the scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes, especially with regard to the prevention or treatment of disease.”

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Everyday Knowledge

Justus: New Year Update

I am several months behind on general updates about Justus. It’s been hard to find the time or energy to write, and I decided not to stress over it during the holidays. 1,118 more words


Justus Update: Sleep

One of the biggest things going on in the last few months has been sleep… or I suppose a lack of it. Neither Justus nor Charis has been sleeping well. 876 more words


Gene Hunting

My most recent posts have been about our journey into the science of Nutrigenomics, with this post about Justus’ genetic results and my last post which clarified the meaning of “ 1,626 more words


What is Naturopathic Medicine

Hi Everybody I have just made a new video explaining what Naturopathic Medicine is. I hope you enjoy it!