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The Life Changing Magic of Squash Soup

There are a few things that were introduced during my lifetime that can be considered truly life-changing…the internet, smart phones, fourth generation antihstamines, and some others. 1,192 more words


Beat your unhealthy snacking habits - Simple tricks to follow

What do you do when the munchies strike? Do you look for the healthiest option and wait for it? Or do you simply grab what you see instantly and stuff it in before you have second thoughts about it? 529 more words

Nutrition And Diet

7 Foods That Fight Stress

In the modern day lifestyle, it is extremely difficult to be stress free. Even a tiny situation like losing your pen to a something like meeting a deadline at work can cause stress. 461 more words

Nutrition And Diet

6 Foods nutrition experts won’t recommend

Most of us are familiar with the typical no-no foods like sugared soda or anything deep-fried, but have you ever wondered what the experts steer clear of? 630 more words

Nutrition And Diet

The best time to eat fruits to maximize the benefits

It’s no secret that eating fruit is good for you. That kind of knowledge has been crammed into our heads from a very early age. However, certain times are better than others for our body to break down fruit in the most efficient and useful way. 694 more words

Nutrition And Diet

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Everybody says  “Alex look how skinny you’ve gotten” or look you are wasting away.”But when I look in  the mirror I don’t really see it because my mindset isn’t there.I have spent my whole life trying to get where I am today, Now my goal is to see how I look and feel in my own skin.How am I gonna do that? 73 more words