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Black Friday!

Not sure how this madness of spending an entire day shopping after Thanksgiving
started but it is certainly not in my list of ‘to do’ things. 67 more words


Thanksgiving musings

In 1986, I shared an apartment and living expenses with a woman who was a
compulsive overeater. By that time, I had been able to maintain a normal weight… 620 more words

Nutrition And Diet

Take the tags off? Why?

It’s been a whole week or more since my last post. I write every single day,
just not always get to post things.

Anyway, this past week, a cousin of mine sent me pictures of our family many… 311 more words

Nutrition And Diet

Easy/Hard to Gain/Lose

A friend of mine recently commented that it was just as hard to gain weight as
it is to lose weight, that she had been on both sides and wanted to know our… 254 more words

Nutrition And Diet

It's all about control!

I have a friend who is very, very thin…she prefers the kind of food that
I consider ‘diet’ food: steamed vegetables, cottage cheese, lots and lots… 269 more words



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Nutrition And Diet