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Let's Talk About Binge Eating Disorder!

Susan (not her real name) came to see me for help with her weight gain when her body mass index (BMI) reached 34. She was worried about stress eating and her relationship with food, but had never discussed the details of what/when/how she ate with her doctor or any health care provider. 710 more words

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A Smoothie a Day Keeps the Blues Away

I am a smoothie addict. I have one on most days and mostly after a workout so it is like my treat after sweating it out. 564 more words

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A life skill that the fitness lifestyle develops: persistence

It’s good to look at the bigger picture. Let’s look at fitness/exercise from the outside inwards. A method of self-improvement to say the least, but the nature of fitness itself massively develops what I think is so important across all domains; … 368 more words

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3 best sources of healthy fats

There is a misconception about fat throughout society. Of course, certain types of fat are worse than others with the term ‘saturated’ coming to mind. Unhealthy fat sources are those which contain saturated and trans fats, but in today’s post lets focus on healthy fat sources, those that contain unsaturated fats, and how they benefit you. 272 more words

Nutrition And Diet

Strategies for Keeping in Shape on Vacation

You probably know this feeling. You are working hard on getting in shape for your beach holiday. You are giving it your all to be nicely toned to show off your bikini. 955 more words

Drink alcohol and still get results

It’s that time again. The time where you’re either venturing off on the next stage of your life to a new place or, alternatively, returning back for second or third year at uni.  530 more words

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Drinking Coffee May Lower Risk Of Early Death- According To New Study - Forbes

“A new study is adding to the good news about coffee, finding that drinking two to four cups a day is associated with overall lower risk of death, particularly among middle-age drinkers.The findings, presented at the European Cardiac Society Congress 2017, are the result of a long-term observational study of nearly 20,000 people in Spain. 96 more words

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