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Fall is here, time for SOUP!

My favorite thing about fall is soup.  I know, I know…there are the beautiful red trees, the fields spotted orange and yellow with pumpkins and gourds, the garden overflowing with the last of the harvest, the golden evening light, the refreshing reflective rain-storms, and the candy-corn.  389 more words

Nutrition And Dieting

Holiday Tips to Start The New Year Right

Trust me, it’s not just you!  We all have the tendency to over-eat when this magical time of year comes around.  Take this, for instance…my cranberry short-rib stew, made with a local ale that is to die for.   881 more words


What Do I Need to Find Out About Nutrition and Dieting and From Where?

Choosing the proper weight loss diet according to your needs can very well be mind-boggling or perplexing. The reason being there are so many alternative diet regimes to select from. 607 more words

Doing Summer Right

I have finally found time to put together my newest Summer 2013 Fitness Program. Fear the bathing suit aisle no more, I’ve come with ammo to destroy those pesky and hurtful body-image issues with some basic facts. 2,787 more words


Repost of my Food Blue Print

NOTE: I posted this last year on a now closed blog. I am reposting it because I’m being frequently asked about my food plan. This old blog covers the blue prints, suggested food list, and some other important side notes. 3,096 more words


Why I don't make New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! Let’s talk about taking the plunge and starting the New Year out with those wonderful, if not illusive, resolutions! With all the hoopla about 2012, one thing is for sure: this year should be exciting! 985 more words


Hoss N' Feffer

It’s the time of year when stew becomes a weekly occurrence on our dinner table!  And if you are into fitness and eating well, experimenting with stew gives you even more ways to utilize with the healthy foods you eat daily.  558 more words