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Are eggs safe for anemics?

Eggs are best known delicacy especially in omelette,pancakes,cakes and among others.East african dishes often comprise scrambled eggs eaten along  with vegetables and Ugali.In our diet, they provide sufficient proteins and minerals to our body which provide energy for our daily activities and prevent malnutrition.The high biological value proteins in eggs(ovalbumin) promotes quick healing in patients.Thus,they form highly significant diets for non-vegeterians,ovo-vegans,lacto-ovo vegans.e.t.c… 268 more words

Nutrition And Health


While most people do not bother spending too much time picking hand soap there are some important aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Hand soaps need to contain several additional ingredients to help them protect the skin, offer a pleasant fragrance and cleanse properly. 458 more words

Nutrition And Health


Photo Credit: atl10trader, 2010: Fish Dish: Mediterranean Cod

Research indicates that the Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of illnesses such as heart disease and stroke.

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Benefits of using Natural Health Products in daily routine

Natural health products tend to be effortlessly happening elements, created from plant life, animals, organisms or marine sources which can be helpful to regain or maintain a healthy body. 496 more words

Nutrition And Health

5 Easy and Natural Fitness Tips to Add to Your Life

Fitness is usually a normal condition involving health insurance and well-being and, much more specially, the ability to execute facets of sports activities or may be occupations. 488 more words

Nutrition And Health

Daily Hair Care Tips And Advice

Hair care is defined as to take care your hair from dust and other harmful effect like sun and environmental pollution. There are some tips that care about your hair like… 465 more words

Nutrition And Health

Health Nutrition and Hygiene

Well being is the natural and sound state of the body. This can be a nice supply of peace and happiness.

Health refers to a state of sound intellect and physically fit physique free from any disorder, illness or sickness. 739 more words

Nutrition And Health