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Pola Makan di Musim Semi

Terdapat beberapa alasan mengapa kita memiliki preferensi tertentu di suatu musim, misalnya kita cenderung mengkonsumsi aneka salad segar di musim semi, aneka buah-buahan dan sumber karbohidrat di musim panas, dan makanan yang hangat dan ringan di musim gugur dan musim dingin. 313 more words

Nutrition And Health

What's the Definition of Healthy?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is caught in a debate over what most consider an outdated definition of the term “healthy.” The current requirements for a food product to legally use the term on packaging was crafted in the 1990’s when healthcare practitioners were focused on the amount of fat in foods as the biggest threat to health. 515 more words

Nutrition And Health

Nine surprising reasons U.S. healthcare costs the most, yet delivers the least overall (part two)

Part one discusses three reasons for our costly, yet ineffective healthcare system that have little to do with legislation: our malpractice system, our culture of unhealth, and poor nutrition that creates chronic inflammation within our cells, which, in turn, manifests chronic diseases. 382 more words

Nutrition And Health

Nine surprising reasons U.S. healthcare costs the most, yet delivers the least (part one)

What’s lost in all this discussion about repealing the Affordable Care Act is that U.S. healthcare costs more than every other industrialized nation, yet delivers some of the worst returns. 836 more words

Mental Health And Addiction

Organic skin care products

We have heard a lot of horrible stories about the effects of chemicals in our body most especially on our skin. There are more and more people that are developing allergic reactions to chemicals found in the mainstream beauty products. 538 more words


100 Health Tips

I gathered for you general health tips! hope you enjoy it, let me know…

  1. Breakfast is the most vital meal. It should not be missed in order to refuel your body from functional metabolic changes during long hours of sleep. 
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Want to Lose Weight and Feel Better? Then Ditch the Fad Diets

The secret to weight loss and healthy diet is that there is no secret. Your mother’s advice, “Eat Your Vegetables!” is still the predominant wisdom when it comes to eating right. 499 more words