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Reasons diabetes is not good for you

Renal failure may result from uncontrolled diabetes.Nerve damage alter activities of kidneys due to reduced communication with the brain.

Nutrition And Health

Utah Cheese Pairing Guide

We love all things with cheese, and the bottom line is that there are no hard-fast rules to pairings – enjoy what you like and what tastes good to you. 376 more words

Nutrition And Health

5 Healthy Must-Have Dishes To Order When Lodging In A Hotel

Have you heard of yummy and healthy? You know to get this two in one sitting isn’t so easy. And it might be a bit difficult to know what to go for when you are eating out say in a restaurant or hotel. 290 more words

Nutrition And Health

So you want to study nutrition?

Two of the most common questions I get asked about nutrition are:

“What nutrition course do you recommend?”


“What tips do you have for someone wanting a career in nutrition?” 3,469 more words

Gluten-free Rosie

Roasted Veggie Pizza

When I was a teenager, my mother insisted that I wake up early one summer morning to learn to make bread with our elderly neighbor. She was an early riser and liked to make her bread before the heat of the day. 399 more words

Nutrition And Health

Big Breakfasts

I don’t know about you but when we end up having something hurried for breakfast, it seems like the children are hungry most of the day.   161 more words

Nutrition And Health

Cheese - A Chef's Perspective

From our many blog posts on this topic, you may have noticed that we at the Dairy Council love cheese! We love the flavor, texture, nutrition, and well…. 838 more words

Nutrition And Health