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You Are What You Eat

How many times have we heard it? “You are what you eat.”  It is very cliché, but also very true.  Our bodies are quite literally built out of what we eat. 358 more words


Are eggs safe for anemics?

Eggs are best known delicacy especially in omelette,pancakes,cakes and among others.East african dishes often comprise scrambled eggs eaten along  with vegetables and Ugali.In our diet, they provide sufficient proteins and minerals to our body which provide energy for our daily activities and prevent malnutrition.The high biological value proteins in eggs(ovalbumin) promotes quick healing in patients.Thus,they form highly significant diets for non-vegeterians,ovo-vegans,lacto-ovo vegans.e.t.c… 268 more words

Nutrition And Health

10 Reasons Why I love My Slow Cooker and How To Get The Best From It

Two great things came out of the 70’s – me and slow cookers!  I wouldn’t want to be without mine and can’t understand why every household does not have one!   270 more words

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Turn children's health around with real food

Did you know that children’s taste buds can turn around in two weeks–from craving junk food to craving real food? Just two weeks! Did you know that in two months children can experience some real progress in resolving health issues? 581 more words

Kim Ingleby: Making Positive Change to See What's Possible

Photo Credit: Vince Starr

This week I have been chatting with Kim Ingleby about her life, what motivates her and how she helps people to achieve their dreams.  1,717 more words

Healthy Eating Recipes