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Taco Tuesday // Foodie Finds + Sprouted Lentils Avocado Tacos {Recipe}

Tacos have become my newest obsession. Whether it’s #TacoTuesday or #TacoThursday or #TacoEveryday, if there are tacos, I’ll be there devouring them.

Today’s Taco Tuesday recipe is a nourishing plant based option for my vegan friends, featuring my latest #foodiefind:

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What’s the scoop on food allergies, weight gain, and disabilities?

In a comment from one of our astute readers, the topic of food allergies came up. I was stumped. Maybe I’m not alone in trying to make sense of the very confusing information out there on the web and trying to apply it to my situation as a woman with a significant mobility limitation. 528 more words


Let’s call them weight loss choices, not slips or cheating

Weight loss is like any other training. You have to be really strict for a while, and then it’s supposed to become a lifestyle as you keep the techniques that work best for you over the long term. 434 more words


Welcome to Wildcard Wednesday!

(and yes, I was just channeling the “Let’s get Ready to Rumble” guy…)

I’m just going to come right out and say it…we are total food geeks here at Nourish to Flourish (N2F for short!). 487 more words

Nutrition And Wellness

Gas, bloating, irritable bowel: A gut feeling that something is not right

Those with Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) know not all foods can be digested equally.

IBS affects up to one in five people living in this country.  138 more words

Nutrition And Wellness

Limiting portion size is a pain in the neck

We have two issues here if you want to lose weight; well, maybe three. First, you have to cut down the amount of food you eat, which means limiting portion size. 330 more words