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Feed a Growing Brain: Foods That Shape Up Brain Cells

One of the hallmarks of a healthy cell is a pliable, flexible membrane ready and able to drink in the nutrients critical for peak performance and jettison toxins and metabolic byproducts that may cause harm. 460 more words

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Summertime Activities for Kids

The best summer activities are usually the ones we did together. Not to knock team sports, but slip on a Fit Bit and see how many steps get logged baking and cooking?! 94 more words

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Welcome to my blog

Hi and welcome to my blog

I have decided to set up a blog to share with the world my creative projects, although I’ll be honest with you I am not very good at this social networking stuff. 460 more words

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Teaching Kids Healthy Eating Habits

Teaching our children healthy eating habits is so important.  Having good nutrition is one of the best ways to prevent overweight and obesity which has become a big problem and is afffecting a large number of American children. 618 more words

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The Honduran Diet

Since I arrived in Honduras I have been fascinated by the food. I love going to the super market and seeing all the different kinds of fruits and vegetables that you can buy. 799 more words


Hands-on Food Fun with Kids: Guest Blog with Connie Evers

In my work as a child nutrition educator, my goal is to inspire kids and families to adopt healthy habits. My approach is to educate kids to be smart consumers, develop a positive body image and learn to love a variety of healthy foods. 775 more words


Exposing the truth about the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

*Update: I am more than pleased to announce that after significant pressure from outspoken, persistent, contentious dietitians like myself and thousands of others, the AND rescinded its contract with Kraft foods (although never quite explains why it was a good idea in the first place).* Read on, you should know the story anyway: 354 more words

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