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Diet and nutrition PART-2

The body will be healthy only when you eat a healthy and nutritious diet. What should be in a healthy diet, what to eat for a healthy diet, not what to eat, what are the main sources of nutrition, how much nutrition is needed for women and men regularly? 716 more words

Health Tips

Making it work for you!

Don’t let perfect get in the way of better!¬†

This is a quote that I have seen used by many. I really like it because it can apply to so many situations.

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Kids Eat Right Month

August is Kids Eat Right month with summer ending and school back in session. This is a great time to remember how important nutrition is for our children’s health, wellbeing and learning. 650 more words


It starts with them

And by them I mean our children. Nutrition for infants and children of all ages has been a passion of mine since I started my career. 1,189 more words


Fiber Nutrition Facts: Why It's Essential to Your Child's Development

In addition to vitamins and minerals, fiber is a nutrient that most people know are very good for the body. Basically, fiber pertains to the kind of carbohydrates that the human body cannot digest. 486 more words


School Lunch Nutrition - What Parents Need To Know

Most school lunches, whether they are packed at home, or purchased at school, usually only include 1 piece of fruit and 1 veggie. What parent can be certain that they will be eaten though? 242 more words


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Hey followers,

Sorry for the long stretch of time between posts. Between the Memorial Day holiday and my involvement in the veteran organization, I’ve been busy. 91 more words