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Easy Chocolate Almond Butter Cups

A winning recipe feeling good knowing you’re making something delicious & very nutritious without quilt. You may use most raw organic nut butters or combinations, to make this an all superfood winner use 70% + cocoa, pure raw local honey, and extra virgin raw coconut oil/shredded coconut, a pinch of Himalayan salt too. 181 more words

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DIY Homemade Butter

I been longing to post this for some time, I’ve seen this on a few “do-it-yourself/homesteading” websites. Had to try this for myself, and the results were satisfactory! 417 more words


DIY Calcium from Eggshells

High-quality eggshells contain 27 essential microelements but they’re mostly composed of calcium carbonate, a form and structure that’s very similar to our bones and teeth. 1,530 more words

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B Vitamins Health Guide

There are eight B-group vitamins, which are essential for bodily functions such as energy production and making red blood cells. These water-soluble vitamins are easily destroyed when cooking or processing food. 2,714 more words

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