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Gizi olahraga pada hari kompetisi

Setelah semester ini saya mengambil mata kuliah Gizi Olahraga semester ini, saya akan mencoba sedikit berbagi informasi mengenai gizi bagi atlet 393 more words

Breakfast Cookies

I have been really disorganized lately, which has resulted in sporadic posts. In an attempt to get more organized, I wanted to have something quick to grab in the mornings. 370 more words


Tomato Soup Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing

You’re probably thinking that tomato soup goes with grilled cheese sandwiches, not in cupcakes. At least, that’s what I thought when I saw this recipe in a Joy of Cooking cookbook from the 70s. 458 more words


Peran Vitamin B dalam Gizi Olahraga

Vitamin dan mineral memiliki peran penting dalam menjaga performa atlit selama berolahraga. Vitamin dan mineral berperan dalam metabolisme energi dan juga berperan sebagai antioksidan. Namun, 606 more words

Random stuff I discovered and wrote down in 2015 Part 2

Last week I shared the beginning of my 2015 food diary.  This is part 2, May through August.

May 23rd- After a few false starts, we finally synched up everyone’s schedule, and had The Kid’s birthday lunch. 703 more words

Help that immune system!

Immune systems are a funny thing hey? You will be feeling good, super healthy and vibrant and then out of no where …. BAM your sick… Sound familiar? 994 more words


Intuitive Eating or Structured Eating - Which is right for you?

Both intuitive and structured eating styles are compatible with a Health At Every Size® approach. But which is right for you?  Take this quick quiz to find out: 311 more words

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