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Entrepreneur, Pharmacist and Politician- Norm Talks about Food and Participation

Norm is a father of two, a pharmacist, an entrepreneur and a municipal politician. I felt that his opinion was necessary for my project because his experience is expansive. 604 more words


Get in on the action: It’s Whole Grains Sampling Day!

Are you stuck in a whole grain rut? Is brown rice the extent of your whole grain eating? There’s no better time to be adventurous than today, … 414 more words


The Theme Is Action...

Everyone. Everyone in society who uses a radio, a TV or a device with an internet connection. As a population, we are inundated with information. 303 more words


Don't Flush Blocks Of Cheese Down The Toilet- Chalie

Chalie, not Charlie. Yes, Chalie. Just say Charlie but without the ‘r’. She goes through that a lot so I felt like I needed to tell you … Chalie is a science-minded pharmacist with an entrepreneurial drive. 893 more words


Nutrition Month: Week 4 - Try Something New!

Because taste is the number one reason for food choice, this week focuses on nourishing meal and snack ideas that are delicious!

The key to enjoying healthy food is learning your preferences and how to cook and season different foods to bring out the most flavour.  504 more words

Nutrition Month

Expert tips for eating healthy at school

March Is Nutrition Month! That’s why this month I’ve teamed up with our Registered Dietitian, Jody, to share some tips that will help you choose foods and drinks to give your child the energy and nutrients they need to grow, learn, be more alert and perform better at school! 322 more words


Prioritize Portion size?

This week in Nutrition Month our theme is portion sizes. Watch those portions people!

To be honest I have a love hate relationship with portion sizes. 716 more words