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Celebrating National Nutrition Month

We celebrated National Nutrition Month this March with our second annual Health Initiative. The food bank increased nutrition awareness among food insecure individuals by offering educational opportunities and health screenings at distributions throughout the county. 240 more words

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Farwell to nutrition month: food is not your foe

Food, our ever-present companion through the journey of life. For some, a pleasing partner, for too many others, a daunting adversary. Meals become battles, navigating a grocery store or a menu is akin to dancing through a mine field, the act of eating becomes a pass/fail test reflective of one’s character.  339 more words

Food And Nutrition

Farewell to nutrition month: Food is not your friend

The act of eating is instinct at its finest. Infants root for milk at the breast within minutes of birth, without any true concept of where they are, how to communicate, or the ability to move themselves from one place to another. 420 more words

Food And Nutrition

Minimizing Food Waste for Food Security

Shoutout to my dietitian colleague, friend, and college classmate Diana over at bitemywords.com for posting this piece on why food waste reduction won’t solve food insecurity. 97 more words


Soda Tax, Added Sugars, and Mexico

I recently read an article titled, Sugar coating the truth about soft drink taxes, the article was written well. While reading the first few lines I thought that the writer was against soda taxes I soon found out he was for actions that help people make educated choices about their food. 172 more words


Feed the Truth is 'kind' of a Big Deal

Feed the Truth is a new developing organization that is truly exciting. After a $5 million donation with financial promise to donate another $20 million FTT may just be the game changer for the nutrition industry has been looking for. 199 more words