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Daily Multivitamins May Not Be A Safety Net for a Poor Diet

One of the fundamental principles of “good” nutrition is that nutrients should come mostly from foods. Nutrients refer to compounds that we humans need from food to survive. 301 more words

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Eating Fish Weekly Improves Children's Sleep Quality and Intelligence

Children should be eating two serving of fish per week.

A recent study reports that children who consume fish at east once per week have higher IQs & better quality sleep than children who rarely or never eat fish. 331 more words

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Green Leafy Veggies May Slow Age Related Brain Dysfunction

We all know that we need to eat our veggies! In fact, the current Dietary Guidelines (for Americans) recommend that adults requiring 2,000 calories daily, eat 2.5 cups of vegetables daily & 1.5 cups of green leafy vegetables each week. 296 more words

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Myth: You Should Regularly "Cleanse" or "Detox"

It’s myth bust Monday! 💣

Detoxification (or “detox”) diets & cleanses are all the rage! Not a day goes by without hearing about their health benefits. 393 more words

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Women Who Exercise Require Twice as Much Protein

It’s no secret that physically active adults/athletes may require more protein in their diets.

In fact, current recommendations by the American College of Sports Medicine are 50-100% higher than recommendations for the general population. 293 more words

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Myth: BCAAs Stimulate Muscle Growth

It’s myth bust Monday. 💣

If you lift weights, you’ve probably dabbled with protein products. One popular product: a branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) supplement. Over the past 35 years, BCAA supplements have become a multi-million $$ industry. 282 more words

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Diet Changes as Effective as Medication for High Blood Pressure

A low-salt, ❤️ healthy diet might be just as effective as medication for lowering blood pressure (BP) according to researchers of a newly published study. 294 more words

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