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We Have To, At Some Point, Say - But Is It True?

It’s Sunday and I’ve been catching up on some reading! And…while watching Brandon Burchard on one of Marie Forleo’s episodes of MarieTV, I couldn’t help but relate so much to something he said. 402 more words

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Warning Signs That You're Being Fed Junk Nutrition Science

Do you sometimes find it difficult to navigate the world of nutrition information without knowing what is real? If so, you are NOT alone. There is A LOT of information being presented to us every day – some accurate, some not. 317 more words

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How Would You Build a Pyramid?

This figure is a great visual for how many athletes (amongst others) look at their diets. 👏🏼

Marketers would have you believe that supplements should provide the majority of your nutrition (the base of your diet). 188 more words

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USDA: Pesticides levels DO NOT pose risk to consumers’ health

Concern over our pesticide intake is nothing new. And that fear often drives many of us, as consumers, to purchase organic food products.

But just how often are pesticide residues found on our produce / in our food? 588 more words

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Cow's Milk or a Plant-based Milk: Which is More Nutritious?

Nowadays, plant-based milks are all the rage. And rightly so given that more people need alternatives to cow’s milk because of milk (or lactose) intolerances, milk allergies and individual preferences for vegan and vegetarian diets and environmentally friendlier dietary choices. 1,154 more words

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Nutrients Don't Exist in Isolation

Such truth!

This is why sometimes nutrition research can seem conflicting.

Each nutrient is part of a food and a food part of a dietary pattern and that pattern is part of a larger lifestyle. 36 more words

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Protein Supplementation Helps Build Muscle...Up to a Point

Attention weight lifters and resistance trainers. We know protein is always a hot topic. Common questions include: How much is too much? How much can the body use from one meal? 446 more words

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