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Getting healthy: Eating for your goals while meeting your body's nutrient needs

To really be able to define yourself as someone with “good nutrition” there are a few things that need to be in check. The first thing is proper energy balance. 875 more words

Healthy Snack Ideas!

One of the hardest parts of eating well is fighting through food cravings!  The biggest problem is giving into cravings allows the vicious cycle to continue!   91 more words

21 Day Fix

Eat More Not Less Legume Challenge

You’ve fit in more fruits and vegetables! You’ve increased your water intake! Now, it’s time for a challenge you may not have expected. 476 more words


Meal Prep: Grilled Vegetables

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I love to make food in batches. Not only does this save time, but I will be more likely to make a healthy meal, or grab a snack that fuels my body with nutrients if I prepare. 74 more words


Sneaky Ways to Cut Calorie Consumption and Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Whether you are looking to lose weight or want to commit to a healthier diet, increasing your fruits and vegetable consumption provides numerous benefits. According to the… 955 more words

EatSmart Products

2017 Food & Nutrition Trends

Quick update from overseas!

I can’t wait to share all of my wonderful food and fitness experiences here in Italy. For now, here’s a taste of yoga and fitness from Florence and my segment on NBC Philadelphia that aired this past Sunday. 19 more words

Nutrition Tips

More Not Less Fluid Challenge

The fruit and veggie challenge may be complete (or you can start now) but I hope you are now inspired to continue to prioritize them each day. 591 more words

Nutrition Tips