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Grilled Salmon with Avocado Salsa

Heart disease is the leading cause of death among both men and women in the United States.  Eating a heart healthy diet can decrease the risk of both heart disease and heart attack by lowering cholesterol, sugar levels, and blood pressure. 168 more words

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Make the Most of Your Move (and Nutrition!)

It can be pretty tough worrying about grocery shopping, meal prepping and weight loss while in the midst of a move. Unless you are going close distances–and even then it can be hard–transporting food from one fridge to another isn’t exactly the easiest option: 930 more words


What was I eating?


And lots of them. A good solid base of salad was the biggest thing on my plate. I was having at least two salads every day. 250 more words

Nutrition Tips

#nosugarfebruary Emergency

Because we’ve got a weekend coming up, I decided to put a list of treats together.


Nothing fancy, remember – this is an emergency food to turn to when you feel like craving, ok? 538 more words


Winter Hydration

Water…it’s essential for life. Did you know that your body contains up to 75% water by weight and your brain even more? Among its many functions, water feeds cells, helps physical and mental performance, controls temperature, and aids digestion. 655 more words


Food Waste and Why It Matters

In 2012 the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) reported that 40% of the food produced in the United States is wasted1.  That’s a lot of food!   587 more words


Short-term nutrition goals for Lent (even if you're not Catholic!)

Y’all. Next Tuesday is MARDI GRAAAASSSS!

For those of you who don’t know, I did my Dietetic Internship at Tulane in New Orleans, and have henceforth been 100% obsessed with that city which of course includes being really into Mardi Gras. 850 more words