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how removing sugar from my diet revitalized my health


Everyones best friend, everyones favorite enemy. Sugar is an enemy to our bodies, and yet, most of us eat it all day every day! I’m the stereotypical girl who feels like she needs sugar on a bad day. 1,420 more words


Cool & Fruity Treats for Sweet Summertime

What comes to mind when you think about summer? Barbecues, baseball, a break from school, longer days spent at the pool? Undoubtedly, you think about sizzling temperatures, too! 683 more words


How I got back in shape in 3 months after giving birth

Hello everybody!
This post will be different from my previous writings. This one is not about healthy recipes or workout tips, this one is my personal experience. 626 more words

Nutrition Tips

Six Reasons Your Diet and Exercise Routine Aren't Working

You’ve been doing everything right. Eating less, moving more, working out, and that scale still won’t budge. It’s all too common, and frustrating as hell. Why bother going through all that work if it’s not leading to any changes? 1,056 more words

Eat the Foods You Love, Lose the Fat You Hate

I don’t know too many people who actually enjoy dieting. The word itself just conjures up images of limp, steamed broccoli and dry, baked chicken.  I can’t tell you how many times I almost died while choking on flavorless chicken that my body insisted on trying to reject mid-swallow. 918 more words


Who does not love summer? It is just so beautiful, all the glorious sunshine and vitamin D which has a huge positive impact on our moods. 514 more words