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Tips for Digestive Health!

Taking care of our gut is important. This is your NUTRITION in 90 second video. In this video I share just some easy, quick tips for gut health. 112 more words

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Traveling With Celiac Disease | How To Stay Gluten Free On Your Travels

So the one thing I hate about traveling is trying to figure out how I’m going to eat without getting sick. It’s not always easy and the fact that I can’t go out and try all the native meals which really sucks but there is no use crying over spilt milk. 622 more words

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Waste no More, Save the Food!

You recycle, you use a reusable water bottle, you don’t leave the water on when you brush your teeth and turn off the lights when you aren’t in the room but what about food waste? 266 more words



Last week the EWG (Environmental Working Group) published it’s 2018 Dirty Dozen list. According to the working group’s tests, the 12 fruits and veggies on the list below contain the highest amount of pesticides. 237 more words


Your NUTRITION in 90 Seconds! ($40 a week grocery budget)

Many people are struggling with preparing healthy meals for their families because of the high food cost, but in this video I give you some quick, practical food items to keep on hand to use in planning your weekly meals. 143 more words

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