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Smoothie Bowl for a Broke B****

Don’t worry. You won’t need any Açaí because that’s out of my price range, but I’ve found this alternative I have come up with is the perfect replacement. 187 more words


Why You Crave Sugar and How To Control It

If you find that munching on sugary snacks leaves you craving more sugary snacks, you’re not alone. Eating lots of simple carbohydrates without proteins or fats quickly satisfies hunger and gives you a short-term energy boost, but also quickly leaves you hungry again and craving more. 391 more words


What is a Complete Protein?

One major topic you’ll hear a lot about in the dieting world is eating “complete proteins”. So, what exactly is a complete protein? And what foods do you need to eat to get it? 491 more words


Garlicky Kale & Butternut Squash Penne

This recipe is filled with colorful fall vegetables and finishes with a hint of heat from a pinch of crushed red pepper. It comes together quickly and will surely warm up a cool evening. 251 more words


I Don’t Wanna

Y’all I am not perfect by any means. There are days when I hit the snooze button because I don’t want to get up before the sun ☀️ to work out. 171 more words



For six months or so before going vegan I had noticed Facebook ads for something called Huel, marketed as a ‘nutritionally complete food’. I wasn’t really interested at first. 447 more words