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Food Intolerance Test: Creating Your "Perfect Diet"

There are so many diets that promote incredible results with weight loss, muscle gain or overall well being. How many diets or different approaches have you tried in pursuit of your goals? 631 more words


Beginning Nutrition: Energy Balance, Calories & Portion Control!

So you’ve consciously made the decision to take action in
regards to your health and nutrition in particular. Maybe you have discovered “Your Why” as… 1,614 more words


Healthy Snacks that won't make you feel guilty

Did you know that thirst can actually make you feel hungry? Try drinking one glass of water before you reach for that Snickers bar. If after 30 min you still aren’t satisfied, then you may eat something. 200 more words


Free Yourself From A Tangle of Cables With These Smartphone Charging Pads

Even as cellphone technology constantly improves, one thing seems to have remained infuriatingly immutable: the need to plug in your phone. Just as you had to plug in your flip phone, you have to plug in your smartphone. 124 more words

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How to | Add Variety to Your Diet

Eating healthy and meal prepping is great, but I get it… it gets old. Especially when you get into the routine of just having the same 5 foods and the same couple of meals. 223 more words



Woodfired pizzas that my Dad and I enjoyed when in Bangkok, 2017.

Food and I have a love-hate relationship. Like, I just love it but sometimes my gut doesn’t. 1,374 more words


3 Phone Stands That Free Up Your Hands In The Office or Kitchen

Between reading recipes while cooking, video-chatting, and streaming TV shows from bed, there are a lot of things we like do to on our phones that it’d be nice to do hands-free. 100 more words

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