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The Oceans grace

Smooth as glass
Clarity of a window pain
Reflective as a mirror
Light glints of every pixelisation
Framing images in its tube like form
Strength in movement… 57 more words


How Much Protein Per Day? - The #1 Nutrition Question For Muscle Building

You go to the gym consistently 3 or ever 4 times each week. You are precise about ever set and every representative throughout each workout. You are constantly consuming fitness and workout magazines for the latest muscle structure routines. 24 more words


Arctic Zero (sorta) Ice Cream

¬†You know those days… the ones where you just want to sit down with your tub of Ben & Jerry’s and eat your feelings? Maybe it’s a breakup, maybe it’s your unreasonable boss (you’re totally in the right, I mean he had no right to expect you to finish that brief by that deadline…. 526 more words


Traditional Chana Chaat

My mum has recently become more health conscious. Whilst these periods of time tend to be short-lived in a family like mine, she is adamant that she wants to change her lifestyle choices and has asked me to reinforce this. 206 more words

Gluten Free

How to Eat Healthy Tip #3: Stock your shelves, your fridge, and your freezer!

As my youngest daughter once observed, “There’s nothing to eat in the house, but we have all the ingredients to make just about anything.”

Poor kid. 376 more words


Stories I loved this week.

Photo by Garrett Carroll

Fresh for the weekend, here’s a collection of stories and podcasts that I’ve found interesting this week – enjoy!

This boy is defying the stereotype of the typical teen… 86 more words


Using Youngevity: second week

I keep feeling better overall. Noticed I’m eating a lot less and still feel satisfied. People has asked if I had some weight loss, but want to confirm first on the scale. 92 more words