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Guilty (food) secrets

Oh, it’s not just the ice cream and wine for dinner that attacks a judgey eye. It’s like living with someone who is constantly trying to lose weight while you’re trying to gain it: everything you put in your mouth, the dieter wants, but knows is strictly forbidden. 905 more words


Weekly Meal Plan Assignment

Phew! Hard one because i have to actually calculate calories and make sure i reach the Canadian Food Guide servings for the four food groups. Breakfast, lunch, and supper for a sedentary female between the ages of 19-50, with 1900 daily caloric intake! 105 more words


Paleo Is Not A Diet

What I like most about eating real food is that it has impacted other aspects of my life. Leading me to the decision to write about the fact that paleo is not just about the food. 586 more words

Let's get figgy

Ok so Summer, or should I say what Summer!?, is over and done with for another year in Melbourne.

It was fairly dismal this year to say the most but I’m still enjoying the afternoon sunshine when we’re lucky enough to get it. 415 more words


Loving Life

Schools Out. Let’s all shout. Well not quite.

One more week till Spring Break ^_^ And it’s two weeks.

I’m so excited to do purely nothing… 519 more words


Podcast | Improvising a Recipe | Quantity Breeds Quality

Welcome to Delicious Medicinal Food

Here’s the podcast!

Take 2 Improvisational Cooking & Quantity breeds Quality

Here’s the text (I know I indicated before that text wasn’t a preliminary part of this blog) but here are the notes I wrote, from which I…

1,073 more words

The "New" Dietary Guidelines, and a Frustrating Attack on the Validity of Epidemological Science

I don’t blame people for being confused about nutrition.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  As a society, we do a less-than-stellar job at both valuing… 1,573 more words