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#WeDigDietitians: Christina Turner (SOL nutrition)

The #WeDigDietitians series is all about introducing you to our favourite dietitians—and busting a few myths about what they really do (and don’t do) along the way. 1,379 more words

Today's culture trends: fast food

Yes, I have always known a lot about nutrition e.g scurvy is caused by lacking Vitamin C etc; after-all they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but then my hair is thin, brittle and breaking off easily and I don’t know what to do. 138 more words

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Healthy Eating on a Student Budget

Eating well on a student budget is one of those topics that isn’t necessarily talked about all that much but as is the case with most problems, just because it isn’t on people’s minds, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. 220 more words


Packing food for a busy weekend away

Do you have a hard time staying on track with your clean eating when you’re traveling??    It can be very simple, but it does take some… 1,865 more words


Tasty Tuesday

Happy Tasty Tuesday Y’all! This is a wonderful gronola recipe I found ages ago that is quite delicious and always nice to have around, especially when serving guest or traveling around during the summer. 182 more words


8 Reasons Why you Should not Skip Meals

Most often, when we skip meals, we tend to make up for them at different times. Whether you find yourself snacking more heavily or easting more than needed at other meal times, the hunger must be satisfied. 1,002 more words

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Plateaus - Weight Loss

How is imitation like a plateau? They’re both the highest form of flattery! In all seriousness though, let’s talk about the bane of progress, the literal incarnation of the devil himself; the plateau. 692 more words