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Eating my Words

I cackled through sobs—laughter on the exhale, sniffle on the in—while leaving my cat at the vet for some tests. My mom had just suggested we grab a beer during the 45-minute wait. 137 more words


Healthy eating of a family cannot be overemphasized. To arrange proper nutrition and healthy food time table – means to protect all family members from a variety diseases, improve the quality of life. 784 more words

Naija Foodie Update


I recently posted an article on the benefits of protein in your diet. As I mentioned in that post, proteins are the building blocks of our bodies. 205 more words


[RP] My Philosophy

When I first started yoga, I was in it for the pose. My focus was on the shape of my body instead of the sensations in it. 1,097 more words


Wholesome Foods

Eat the rainbow. Enjoy the fruits of the Earth that Mother Nature has provided us with. Mix and match; fruits and vegetables to feel super energised. 30 more words