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6 Months of Nutritional Cleansing

When I started this lifestyle six months ago, my intention was to try it, blog about it and then move on to the next program.  However about 4 days in I felt a total shift in the way I felt.  790 more words

Nutritional Cleansing

Hitting the Stage Again!

Hitting the stage again as a figure competitor this Saturday!  I am enjoying my smaller frame and love the opportunity to share this experience with 3 amazing women~ Amy Congleton, Stephanie Collins & Valarie Wilson.


The Simpler Life

Remember when there where

no cell phones

no pcs, ipads, tablets

no digital anything?

Just wondering, where we happier then?

Cellular Cleansing

Nutritional cleansing

The entire premise of this blog was to test out various diets in an effort to find the ones that work.  I’ve talked about my lifelong love/hate relationship with dieting.  803 more words

Nutritional Cleansing

Another successful cleanse

I can proudly say I have accomplished another successful 2-day cleanse.  You might remember from last time that the 2-day cleanse consists of a cleansing drink and snacks that you take on an hourly schedule. 255 more words

Nutritional Cleansing

Post cleanse days.

I continue to feel amazing post cleanse.  My Wednesday am shake was great but even after not eating for two days, I’m still not a big fan of the chocolate.  516 more words

Nutritional Cleansing

All I can say is WOW!

No one is more surprised then me to say that the last two days were amazing!  You know how some people say, “I was so busy yesterday, I forgot to eat.”.   430 more words

Nutritional Cleansing