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Nutritional Plans

Nutritional plans are very helpful, especially for new diabetics. They help remind us that we can’t just eat whatever is in sight. You can create your own nutritional plan, work on one with your nutritionist, or even find one on online. 172 more words

Foodies Unite

What it's about

From Monday (20th July 2015), I will be starting a new coaching program in nutrition. In an attempt to stay accountable, I will be posting a picture of each meal I have. 20 more words


Paleo Diet - How it Works

While the concept of this diet has been around since the 70s, the Paleo Diet started its popularity with the publishing of the book The Paleo Diet… 282 more words

Nutritional Plan

Atkins Diet - How it works

Perhaps one of the most well known names in the Protein Forward group, the Atkins Diet has been around since 1958.  It was produced by… 180 more words


Does Protein Forward Work? 23 Studies on Low-carb vs. Low-fat Diets

Some people feel that high protein/low-carb diets cannot replace the low fat high fiber diets we have been taught to follow.  Afterall years of the American Red Cross telling us we need grains and fruit and milk, just in smaller portions, has led us to believe that starving ourselves was the way to go.   87 more words


What is Protein Forward? A Look at Low-Carb Plans

“Protein Forward” is a term used for a nutritional plan where the only foods eaten are higher in protein than carbohydrates or fats.  For instance, a candy bar would not be “Protein Forward” as it has more carbohydrates than proteins.   309 more words