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The human body is the most intelligent ‘living machine’ in nature – an extremely adaptable system which is programmed to preserve life at all cost. Today’s lifestyles are dramatically changing this machine by genetically modifying its ways to sustain life. 314 more words


My Whole30 Experience

Have you ever heard the quote, “There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path”?  So many things in life we know, however, putting principles into practice is a completely different story. 2,337 more words

Healthy Living

Exciting times ahead.

Its been a busy day here at FitER HQ, recipe testing and creating in prep for the FitER Cookbook, nutritional therapy assessments and antioxidant analysis! The demand for the cookbook and personal therapy is so high right now that I am working as quick as I can. 272 more words

Healthy Lifestyles

Magnificent Magnesium

Where do I start?

The Science bit…..

It is used in over 300 enzymes creating chemical reactions within our body and by not having quite enough of it can lead to tiredness, anxiety, rapid heartbeat, difficulty sleeping, eye twitches, muscle cramping, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia and can increase the risk of illness over time. 557 more words

Butternut squash, sweet potato and sundried tomato soup

You know one of those moments when you decide to experiment with left over vegetables and come up with a new recipe and it goes so well? 283 more words


CAM EXPO London Sept 26/27 I'll be there !

CAM EXPO London Sept  26/27  I’ll be there !

I’m delighted to let you all know the I have been asked to give a presentation on the work I do, with over 6 years of experience and scores of case studies, I’m thrilled to be given this opportunity.

What Happens in a Nutritional Therapy Consultation?

All practitioners practice in a slightly different way, but here’s how I work:

Before the first consultation, I get my lovely clients to fill out a questionnaire and food diary. 421 more words