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Stress Management Through Self Empowerment

Stress comes in two forms. Eu-stress is the happy kind that creates energy and focus.  Dis-stress is the not-so-happy kind that comes from feeling out of control, that life has control of you. 554 more words

Nutritional Therapy

Center for Integrative Medicine — Health & Nutrition Conference, May 2015

Located in Phoenix at the Arizona Biltmore Resort, I attended the annual Health & Nutrition Conference from May 4-6, 2015. The conference is organized by Dr. 1,611 more words

Food & Mood

Bonny Prim: Health and Wellbeing Coach

May 2015

As a change from a Swindon in Business post concerning an entrepreneur who has started out in business via Outset Swindon this one comes from a lady that has crossed my path via business networking. 972 more words

General Interest

On the radar: Nutritional therapist Chloe Manlay

Who? Chloe Manlay

What? Nutritional therapist with a BSc (Hons)

Where? Currently in NYC, becoming yogi certified!

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet with nutritionist and friend Chloe Manlay to go over my normal routine both inside the kitchen and throughout my day to day life. 1,068 more words


Put a Spring in your Step with a SPECIAL OFFER

We all have times when we know that we have overdone things; stayed up late too many nights, had a period of intensive stress, eaten too many Easter eggs, been ill and not fully recovered to name a few. 167 more words

Nutritional Therapy

My Story

I’ve had a fascination with the natural healing properties of food and their benefits since I was 15. This was back in the 90s when general knowledge was basic, healthy alternatives were scarce and meditation and mindfulness was left to the hippies. 412 more words

My Story


I have recently read a good article on what to check or get checked on a relatively regular basis dependant on one’s age. I thought that Spring would be a good time to check one’s self out and see if there any changes to make to our regime. 169 more words