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Food for thought!

I heard a great analogy the other day by the Health Ranger explaining the difference between pharmaceutical based modern medicine and natural medicine. Below I give you the analogy in my own words. 880 more words

Primal Wellbeing

Moringa, The Miracle Tree

My Aunt first told me about Moringa while I was visiting her in Jamaica. She is a vegetarian, plant loving, liberal artist so when she told me she was consuming these green leaves whole I wasn’t surprised but she looks at least 20 years younger than she is so whenever she advises me, I listen! 360 more words

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Don't Just Taste the Rainbow, Eat It

I never gave any thought to the reason behind why my mother always told me to eat all of my vegetables. I thought she was just being a bully.  535 more words

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Healthy chocolate ice-cream

Yes! Healthy chocolate ice cream!! How is this possible? Well with a lovely ingredient called avocado. Now I know that sounds like it won’t taste good but believe me you will not taste the avocado in this ice cream, just a delicious creamy texture and chocolate flavour! 244 more words

Nutritional Therapy

The Fountain of Youth in Pill Form

I have heard stories about grand adventurers searching for the fountain of youth since I was a little girl. What these adventurers didn’t seem to know then is that consuming the mineral silica has such a powerfully positive effect on one’s appearance and body in general, that they could have just bolstered their diet with foods that contain the miraculous mineral to prevent signs of aging, verses traipsing off to far away lands in search of a myth. 412 more words

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Butter (Lima) Beans with Turmeric & Tomato sauce with Watercress

1 Carton or Tin of Organic Butter (Lima) beans
2 x tbsp of organic tomato puree
2 heaped tsp of turmeric spice
Splash of olive oil… 286 more words

Green Tea is Everything

When I first moved to London from LA six years ago I was astounded to find that the popular stereotype that English people always drink tea was in fact, a reality. 617 more words

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