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Foundations of Healing: Blood Sugar

For most of us when we hear blood sugar, we think diabetes. We might think of a family member or friend that was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, who regularly watches their carb intake and might even give themselves insulin shots. 1,797 more words

Chronic Illness

Food and Mood: The Digestion Connection

Food and mood are in a relationship, and for most of us It’s Complicated when it really shouldn’t be. Food and its proper digestion are critical to the achievement and maintenance of optimal mental wellness of which mood is a part. 910 more words


The root of ALL ill health…..?

In the UK, many (unfortunately not all) of us are lucky enough to have access to good healthcare services, a plentiful supply of food and drink, shelter, exercise, company and a range of other factors that may positively influence our overall health & vitality. 1,044 more words



It has been far too long since I posted. I’ve been trying to keep up with monthly or every-other-month newsletters. I’m still doing San Fu Moxa for charity. 273 more words


Hashimoto's- Part 1 Your body hears everything your mind says.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s when I was 23.

Looking back on my life (poor diet, gluten intolerance, early childhood stress, lots of sugar, being overweight) I can see that all these stressors were setting the stage for autoimmunity. 521 more words

Nutritionist in London is Offering Best Guidance

 My Nutrition is the show started by Dainora.  She preferred to take it up as a career after successfully completing the related course and has been offering guidance to the clients. 174 more words

Health And Fitness

Food Nanotechnology: A Safe Innovation for Production and Competition?

-Victor Ince, Kindlenlienn, Germany

Nanotechnology is an enable technology that  has the potential to revolutionize agriculture, food systems and medicine. Nanotechnology, technology that  use nanometer  (10-9   m)/sub- microscopic-scale materials, holds great promise to provide benefits not just within food products but also around food products. 379 more words