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Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese

I had a random craving for some mac and cheese today but didn’t have the necessary ingredients for any of the mac and cheese recipes online. 168 more words

Easy Stove Top Popcorn

I have been living microwave-free for a number of years now, and loving it. The one and only exception has been microwave popcorn… I miss it like crazy. 226 more words


This is another must for vegans, alongside a daily vitamin B12 supplement, this stuff is a great way to get more into your diet. Plus it contains a whole host of other vitamins and minerals too, including: Thiamin B1, Riboflavin B2, Niacin B3, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Biotin, Pantothemic Acid B5, Iron and Zinc. 130 more words


Super quick Linguine with Vegan Pesto, Mini Tomatoes & Parmesan

This is one of my favourite dishes of all times. My dad loves the sun, sailing, water and good food. He tries to spend as much time near either of them as possible. 849 more words


Week 11 - Tofu Scramble

I haven’t made brunch in quite a while, so when I came across this recipe for ‘Stockholm Scramble’ in Nina Olsson’s ‘Bowls of Goodness’, I delayed a trip to the gym one Saturday to give this a go. 209 more words


Kidney Bean Guac Burritos

I have always wanted those restaurant style, gooey burritos where the rice seems to stick together in warm deliciousness. This was my attempt. It turned out okay. 153 more words

Finally Friday

I tried out my Moon Juice products last night and then again this morning and I am happy to say it doesn’t taste too bad at all.  900 more words