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Cashew Cheese

Let me just start with a compliment to myself for creating something that tastes so incredible… The combination of smooth creamy cashews, sour lemon, fragrant herbs and earthy nutritional yeast is one I’ve fallen in love with, and I’m sure you wil too! 282 more words


Guiltless Nacho Cheese

No, the title of this post is not a mistake: You CAN load up your nachos with gobs of ooey-gooeyness and NOT stress about what you’re eating. 699 more words


Simple Stuffed Zucchini

What do you get when you combine rich nuts, fresh herbs, bright citrus zest, and cheesy nutritional yeast? A vegan version of a cheese topping that will make even non-vegans beg for more! 439 more words


Vegan basil pesto

Doesn’t look like much but tastes delicious! Put over zucchini noodles, kelp noodles, pasta, you can even add it to your hummus and use it as a dip/spread. 82 more words



I needed serious comfort food last night after a particularly draining week, and this red lentil fusilli caught my eye due to its bright orange colour in the packet. 172 more words


Aduki Bean Pie

This is an old family favourite, developed from a recipe discovered over 20 years ago when vegetarian food meant brown rice and lentils. A few modern day tweaks and we have a delicious and highly… 273 more words


What Claire Ate: January 25th, 2016

There was no breakfast, because there never is, and lunch was a ham and cheese sandwich with some chips.

Snacks included some chocolate chips, and then later some cottage cheese with nutritional yeast because why wouldn’t you top cheese with a common cheese substitute? 65 more words

What Claire Ate