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Creamy Asian Pear, Ginger and Citrus Smoothie

This is one of those happy accident recipes, where I just threw together what I had in the fridge and it turned out to be too delicious to not share. 238 more words


Chicken Soup

Hello everyone! Just some more displacement activity in the form of a recipe!

We had a roast chicken on the weekend, and ever since we visited a talk by Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley about a year ago, we’ve been boiling our bones to make bone broth. 303 more words


Chilled Watermelon Gazpacho

Mumbai Summer makes me almost want to give up on having dinner. I prefer keeping it light and what would be a better way to do that than by treating yourself to some delish summer salads. 286 more words


Green Goodness Breakfast Bowl

I love starting my day with a bowl of greens, and this bowl is full of them! It’s also gluten-free and packed with protein from the quinoa and poached eggs, so it’s a perfect way to fuel yourself, especially after exercise. 202 more words


BACK TO BASICS: How to grind your own nutritious flour for Tortilla/Bread in 1 minute?

 Why did our moms and grand mothers use to take so much pain in making everything from scratch? Most of us would have never given a second thought, like I did for years.  424 more words


Meal Plans: Understanding and Utilizing

Hello, college students! And a special hello to my fellow Mustangs at Cal Poly. This one’s for you!

Freshmen – you got a meal plan? 538 more words

Saijan Talkari Recipe

Saijan – The anti-aging nutritious miracle pod

‘Saijan’ is the hindi name for a seedpod of a particular tree that is considered a vegetable, and is widely eaten in India as well as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines and many other countries. 1,340 more words