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Sunflower Seeds – sunny bright flowers morphed into nutritious treats!

I’m in Northern Spain and September is harvest time for sunflowers. These nutritious treats are ubiquitous, munched at half time at the soccer, on loaves, in muesli. 261 more words


Recipe: Eggs - The best source of protein for breakfast.

Eggs are packed with nutrition and are the easiest morning protein. Morning protein is essential for keeping your energy up and hunger at bay. Eggs are also rich in many different vitamins and minerals as well as essential fats all helping to supporting shiny hair, strong nails & glowing skin. 271 more words

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Recipe: Chocolate Almond Date Muffins

These muffins are a treat that helps rid us of cravings and also happens to be super good for you! This recipe would by far be my most requested recipe! 239 more words

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Recipe: Bircher Muesli

Bircher Muesli is an easy breakfast, packed with nutrition that is simple to prep the night before. Whole grains like oats have been a central element of the human diet since early civilization. 222 more words

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Recipe: Healthy Berry Smoothie

A berry smoothie has to be the fastest and easiest breakfast, great for people who are on the go. I love the blueberries, and frozen ones are just as good for you. 137 more words

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Recipe: Activating Nuts

Nuts and seeds are packed with protein and essential oils , antioxidants and minerals, that make a perfect protein snack. And many varieties of nuts like almonds, brazil nuts and hazelnuts are particularly anti-inflammatory. 392 more words

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Classic Bakewell Tart

For me, I find it easier to show my love for people by doing things for them and showing them through my actions as apposed to words. 374 more words