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How do I manage excess cooked food? Freeze or not?

Freezing food is a good way to have meals on the go! Whether it be leftovers or extra big batches made for future consumption, it is important to know how to store different foods. 274 more words

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Facts to know with freezing and thawing cooked food

  1. Always discard any items in the freezer that have come into contact with raw meat juices.
  2. Do not leave cooked food at room temperature for too long before freezing.
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How best to thaw frozen food?

  1. Plan ahead! Smaller items can thaw overnight in the refrigerator, however foods weighing 1 kilo or more will  take about 24 hours in the fridge to thaw.
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Parmesan Cauliflower Patties

I’ve always been a huge fan of cauliflower and my love for it grew over the years as I discovered more and more¬†ways to prepare it. 253 more words


Rice galette with peanut butter and apple slices and dash of cinnamon.