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Week 2: Progress & Discoveries

As I started on my journey last week I was very unsure of myself and the choice of switching to keto. That unsure feeling of whether or not I could do it has been overcome by new found confidence in myself and my journey. 555 more words


Mmmmm Salads

OMG Why does Wendy’s have such amazing salads? The BBQ Chicken Ranch Salad* was my jam for a while. Yes, my jam. Anyway, That was a salad I could eat for lunch every day — but without the bacon. 223 more words

Starting a Healthy Lifestyle pt.1

Recently my fiance’ and I have been really determined to get into a healthy lifestyle. By healthy lifestyle that means working out more, eating right, and surrounding ourselves with better things to improve ourselves. 734 more words

Katie Day 7-What's Your Day Like?

Today I sat in on a mock consultation between Ms. Karkare and my mom. I experienced the work of an outpatient dietitian firsthand and got a glimpse into the process. 104 more words

How Big Food silences dissent and censors debate about real nutrition

‘Just how far is Big Food willing to go to silence dissenters and control the marketplace of ideas?

It was recently reported that investigative journalist Nina Teicholz was uninvited from a panel discussion to be held at the Consumer Federation of America’s National Food Policy Conference.’ 13 more words

Weight Loss Foods

I’ve been watching this guy’s elliptical workout videos for a bit; I finally read his site. It has so much useful, motivational information! Check out   109 more words