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23 Pounds Down

Well, technically 23.4 pounds down. I’m too mentally exhausted to be excited about it the way I should be. So many life changes happening and coming soon that I think a big part of my loss this past week is stress. 148 more words

Saw the Doctor

Today is the beginning of another try at losing in a different way. Using IIFYM to calculate my calories and macros was a bad move. Why? 379 more words

Doctor, Doctor Time

I have a doctor’s appointment set for 1/9 that I”m trying to get rescheduled for this week (today if someone cancels). Wish me luck. I hated having to reschedule because of work.   222 more words

Meh x100

Someone mentioned having a case of “the fuck-its” and I think I’m almost there. I’m doing stronglifts 5×5 and trying to walk the dog more on off days. 116 more words

Calories Don't Exist

The big day is ALMOST here! The next three days will consist of drinking lots of wine, eating whatever I want, shopping and NO CALORIE COUNTING! 171 more words

WTF Sugar?!

How the hell have I gone over my sugar already?!!

Your Food Diary For:

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Breakfast Calories





g… 75 more words

100 Days of Keto: Achievement Unlocked!

I am so excited to be writing this blog post right now. It took a little longer than I planned on my last challenge post but, with 3 weeks still to go, I reached my goal this week on the… 268 more words

Low Carb Diet