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Buffalo Half Marathon 2018

Welcome to June! Actually, it’s been June for almost two weeks now (Oops) and I’ve been meaning to post a few things, but work has been very busy and I’m only just finding enough time to do so. 1,298 more words

Summer Running

We finally made it to the end of the school year, so we are finished with band concerts, banquets, awards, etc, etc…I’ve just been plugging along with my training in the meantime. 557 more words


Long Run - 10 Miles

“The hay is in the barn.”

That’s what Deb would say anyways. This was my last long run before the Buffalo Half Marathon. The workouts are finished, the miles are run, and now we just have to taper. 510 more words

Nuun Powder

In this blog I describe how I use crushed NUUN tablets as a low weight electrolyte replacement.

The Brooklyn Half this weekend will be humid and that means lots of sweat and possible dehydration and the possible annoying complications of kidney failure and death. 83 more words


10km Training Log - Week 3

I’ve done some shuffling with my training schedule for my upcoming 10km. I was supposed to run 2, both within 2 weeks of each other, but I will now potentially only be running one. 808 more words


Long Run - 13 Miles

Have you ever had one of those runs that “should” have been pretty straightforward and easy,┬ábut wound up being a complete disaster? It feels like a lot of my longer runs have been that way the last few weeks, and this one fit solidly in that category. 388 more words

Snow, slush, and puddles oh boy!

Today’s weather in Toronto was probably similar to the weather at today’s Boston Marathon. Despite the snow, slush, and puddles, Lisa and I still ran, proving once again that we are no longer fairweather runners! 152 more words