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Clean Sport Athletics

In general we all have heard about performance enhancing drugs. Usually you hear about professional athletes taking them to become bigger, faster, or stronger. As these drugs have become more widely accessible even amateurs have started taking them. 268 more words

Gets Hot Earlier and Earlier

True story. It’s mid-April, and it already feels like the dead of summer around here in Memphis. Today it hit 82. This heat (and my mind playing tricks on me, thinking every little twinge is an oncoming stroke or heart attack) really affected my run. 243 more words

Health & Fitness

50K - BB50 - Needville, TX

50K is here…I’ve been training and then resting (while partially injured) and trying to train more.  This is my first ultra and I’m still a little nervous.  336 more words

Race Report: Shamrock Shuffle 2017

OH Shamrock Shuffle, you were a very last minute decision this year, wasn’t totally prepared, since I just finally got back into the swing of things, but that’s okay. 246 more words


Not The Week I Expected Wrap Up

Last week started off really great with some new energy for running but unfortunately took a bit of a halt.

With a busy weekend of skiing and a little indoor cycling, I took Monday as a little rest day with intentions of running throughout the week a little more. 420 more words


Gear: For safety

I had a funny story from my wife’s cousin (Tom) a few months ago when I ran in Highland Village, TX.  I was doing a 10 mile run or so.  350 more words


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