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So I just found out that my Nuvaring (contraceptive of “choice”) interacts with my Epitec (Lamotrigine). The Epitec may lower the efficacy of the Nuvaring and the Nuvaring can cause depression or mood swings.   130 more words

Why I Threw Away My Nuvaring and No Longer Trust My Doctors

At no point does this post become unpleasantly detailed.

Four months ago, I started Nuvaring after more than five years of abstinence. After researching other forms of birth control, this one was the obvious choice for me. 1,610 more words


PCOS...Swallowing the diagnosis.

I was diagnosed with Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) 3 weeks ago. It’s a pretty common diagnosis for young women during their reproductive years and not really one that came as a shock to me. 344 more words

Pickle in my Nuvaring

This cartoon girl, she’s appealing, right? Her hair, it’s interesting, right? Girls would totally pay for that ‘do, right? All chicks can ever focus on is hair, right?! 400 more words

You were my last hope, and you blew it.

Oh, the vaginal ring.  I was so desperate for something that would stop the progression of the endometriosis and the pain that I was willing to try it, despite all the (potentially deadly) side effects.   758 more words

My visit to my Gynocologist

The other day I went to see my Gynocologist Dr Steven Adair.
He got to meet Everleigh properly and play with her. He absolutely loved her. 351 more words

NuvaRing won't get you the ring

My poor boyfriend. The woman he’s had to deal with lately hasn’t been a pretty one.

I have been on the NuvaRing for probably around 2 years. 394 more words

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