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NuvaRing is a kind of birth control vaginal ring, which appears in transparent round elastic shape. It’s a ring type device, which liberates a low dose of progestin & estrogen for around 3 weeks of period. 948 more words


Video: Insurance Companies Screwing Up On Birth Control

There have been reports of insurance companies failing their obligation to cover birth control — specifically the NuvaRing — under the Affordable Care Act. I recently spoke with an investigative reporter about this issue, and you can watch the video… 11 more words


Evil Birth Control: NuvaRing

A few days ago I tried the NuvaRing for the first time.  The first two days were fine.  Then yesterday I was at work and I got this horrible migraine and then I turned pale.   98 more words

NuvaRing - Another Easy Way For Birth Control

    NuvaRing is hormonal contraceptive vagina ring have ethinyl estradiol and etonogestrel. These both are female hormones that prevent the release of an egg from an ovary. 273 more words

Birth Control

This is What PMS Feels Like (To Me)

Recently, I was watching one of my favorite episodes of one of my favorite television shows, New Girl. The episode is called “Menzies” and it follows the roommates through Jess’s PMS. 940 more words


"Mommy, what's birth control?" – How this kids' kitten game crossed the line with an adult in-app ad

“Mommy, what’s birth control?”

So began my discussion of age-inappropriate mobile advertising. It was the day after Thanksgiving and a good friend in the venture capital industry – let’s call him “John” – texted me that quote, followed by, “That was my 8-year-old niece.” 631 more words