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{Life Lessons} So close to motherhood, yet so far away

On Mother’s day I got the bright blue positive that we all hope and pray for. That little plastic test proved that my body still worked and that I was still worthy of motherhood. 540 more words

Life Lessons

Risking Death to Prevent Pregnancy?

I recently watched a trailer for a documentary that Ricki Lake is producing, called Sweetening the Pill.  It’s about various methods of contraception and the risks that come with them. 1,171 more words


Amy's Story as of today 6/12/2015

My first memory of my cramps was when I was just 14 years old. I was on vacation with my family in Florida at my Grandmother’s house. 2,887 more words

{NuvaRing} Living In A Beautiful Disaster 

Ladies, from my heart to yours I can tell you that no amount of money is ever going to make us whole, it will not undo the harm, and it will not turn back time. 601 more words

Life Lessons

Your Body Never Lies, So Listen Up!

A month ago,  I went to the emergency room thinking I would be told I had bronchitis or pneumonia. I chose the emergency room as I knew if I went to see my doctor, she had no diagnostic tools at her clinic. 2,263 more words

3 Things: SC Cop Murders Unarmed, Fleeing Man | CAVS Hit Final Stretch Before Playoffs | Olympian Warns Of Birth Control Danger

A South Carolina police officer is charged with murder after being caught on video shooting an apparently fleeing suspect in the back. 187 more words