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Got Your Sign Tattooed On Your Body? Oops!

I’m definitely not a believer in astrology or anything like it, but I do know several people who have their “sign” tattooed on their body somewhere.  253 more words


Tattoo Removal Can Be Good For A Marriage!

I’m wondering if anyone else has ever noticed this reaction:  After playing outside in the snow with the kids for a couple of hours, I noticed later that the skin where my tattoo USED to be was very, very pale, compared to the surrounding skin.  145 more words


Tattoo Removal: A Few Questions, Answered

Thank you, readers, for your emails and questions.  I’ll try to answer some of them in this blogpost.

Several of you have asked me about skin “bleaching,” or did the Nuviderm solution take the color out of my skin as it faded my tattoo?  231 more words


Tattoo Removal for Christmas

Every day I read more articles about people – celebrities and the rest of us – who have ended a relationship, applied for a new job, etc, and who want or need to remove a tattoo that no longer applies to their lives. 131 more words


Tattoo Removal: Let's Talk Money

Have you any idea how much laser tattoo removal costs?  It runs anywhere from a couple of thousand dollars all the way to to ten thousand or more!  254 more words


Nuviderm Worked For Me; It'll Work For You!

Now that my tattoo is gone, I feel quite qualified to tell YOU how to remove your tattoo!

Remember, I wasn’t sure at first that the procedure I’d chosen would even work, let alone work GREAT.  165 more words


Tattoo Removal: Completed! It's Gone!

The skin you’re looking at is really redder than it appears here, but that’s beside the point.  the actual point is, my tattoo is pretty much gone. 212 more words