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Free Webinar 23rd Feb 2016: HP, NVIDIA and VMware - Avoiding VDI Pitfalls: Learn from the Experts

Just a quick blog to let you know NVIDIA’s very own vGPU/graphics/VDI guru, Jason Southern will be on a panel of similar experts for an interactive webinar hosted by… 353 more words

Tiny Windows and Graphics Cards

Recently saw a Tweet from Tom Whitehead concerning a teeny tiny window that showed up in his Revit. While it wasn’t EXACTLY like a problem that has been occurring over the last few years, it looked awful close to a problem that has come up with Revit and desktop management software like nView and Hyrdavision. 221 more words


Blog Post (Website) Shout Out February 2016

If you are a Nvidia Geforce/Tesla/Tegra/Quadro/Shield owner the following link may be of interest to you. As you may be aware Nvidia regularly make driver ( 147 more words

Security Advice

Is my NVIDIA M60, K1, K2, K5000 or my AMD Firepro W7000 supported by vSphere/XenServer/Other Hypervisor?

This is a question I continually see from customers and even those involved in deploying the technologies. The reasons behind the answer are quite complicated, but the answer itself is a simple yes or no, and the steps to find it out are very easy, once you know them. 464 more words


The Coming Age of 3D Integrated Circuits

The pedagogical model of the integrated circuit goes something like this: take a silicone wafer, etch out a few wells, dope some of the silicon with phosphorous, mask some of the chip off, dope some more silicon with boron, and lay down some metal in between everything. 1,211 more words


NVIDIA M60 GPUs – how they support CUDA, OpenCL and compute in “graphics” mode

Yesterday I wrote a blog about how to configure the M60 / M6 NVIDIA GPU boards for use for “graphics” mode or “compute” mode and how they were designed for different use cases such as VDI accelerated graphics and HPC (high-performance compute) respectively. 284 more words

Xenith iCafe opens with 100 NVIDIA GeForce GPU-Powered PCs

Gamers in northern Thailand, specifically Chiangmai, will get to enjoy premium gaming experience with the opening of Xenith iCafe in the city.

All its 100 PCs are equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 GPUs, which deliver advanced performance, power efficiency, and realistic gameplay based on the latest NVIDIA Maxwell technology. 162 more words