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Nvidias researchers teach a robot to perform simple tasks by observing a human

Industrial robots are typically all about repeating a well-defined task over and over again. Usually, that entails performing those chores a safe distance away from the fragile humans that programmed them. 651 more words


Nvidia's Turing based GTX 1180 Founders Edition set for July?

Ever since the GTX 1180 rumour mill whirred to life earlier this year and started churning through the daily grind of rumour and speculation, the release date for Nvidia’s Turing family has been in a constant state of flux.  997 more words


NVIDIA Experience Sign on is useless..

Please tell me why in the fk I need a login for my video card. All i want to do is update my drivers hassle free and change settings for games…No login is required for that…sure I may want cloud saving of my settings…no not really and if you want that as a feature you're a dumb dumb it takes 1 minute to do. 28 more words


Nvidia Shield TV gets Android Oreo update

Nvidia is now rolling out the Shield Experience Upgrade 7.0 for their Shield TV box which updates it to Android Oreo. 799 more words


nVidia's latest 397.93 Driver needs the GeForce Experience folder in it to de-bloat it

nVidia released today another driver, besides the usual bugfixes it has something new in it, the Setup requires now – no matter what – you to keep the GeForce Experience folder within the same dir as the Setup.exe – or you get an error. 443 more words