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Every Nintendo Switch Launch Game We Know About So Far

This article originally appeared on Time.

Nintendo’s mobile/handheld Switch game console arrives on March 3. And as that date approaches, we’re seeing new titles step up. 558 more words


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 3080: Volta GPU, GDDR6/HBM2 support

Officially Appeared on Tweak Town.
New rumors on NVIDIA’s next-gen Volta: GDDR6/HBM2 support, 12nm node, and so much more

The hot rumor to start the week kicks off with NVIDIA’s upcoming next-gen Volta GPU architecture, which started off on the Beyond3D forums that NVIDIA will be using a custom 12nm process from TSMC. 491 more words


Building the Beast

Being a “Mac guy” what seems like forever, last year I realized what I missed most about computers/computing was the tinkering. Apple makes a great closed system, but doesn’t really allow for customization. 188 more words

Gaming Rig

ASRock trots out tiny micro-STX gaming systems with the DeskMini RX and GTX

(Source: www.hardwarezone.com.sg)

ASRock trots out tiny micro-STX gaming systems with the DeskMini RX and GTX

ASRock has announced the DeskMini RX and GTX, both micro-STX systems that aim to pack a decent amount of gaming firepower in a small 2.7L package. 259 more words


Revenge is a dish best served old

In this day of strange inaugurations and general protests, there are many things to complain about. No least of them, is the fact that Nvidia lies to us. 544 more words

Steel for Humans

It is a strange choice by CD PROJEKT RED for choosing a wedding song as a combat music in their game. However, this piece of music from the Witcher 3 is pure epicness. 244 more words


The New 2017 Nvidia Shield Review

Recently I got the new Nvidia Shield TV and it’s an interesting product in the sense that brings together regular smart TV things like Netflix, gaming with a massive library of Android and console games with there GeForce Now streaming service and also smart home functionality with Google Assistant built in. 437 more words