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MACD: Learn to Recognize Trade Setups See examples in Pfizer, Inc. (PFE) and Intel Corp. (INTC)

MACD: Learn to Recognize Trade Setups

See examples in Pfizer, Inc. (PFE) and Intel Corp. (INTC)

By Elliott Wave International

Just as there are patterns in price, there are also patterns in momentum indicators. 181 more words


Tokyo Institute of Technology taps Nvidia for Japan's fastest AI supercomputer

Nvidia’s business is increasingly the business of artificial intelligence, and its latest partnership fits with that new role. The graphics processing maker is supplying the Tokyo Institute of Technology for the GPUs that will power its… 157 more words


From self-driving cars to model and dataset sizes

So I am done with teaching a vehicle to drive itself!

Errh, not quite there yet. I did it on a simulator, in an easy environment where there is only one lane, and no other traffic. 1,443 more words

Machine Learning

There’s $5 million in prize money to build Facebook’s vision for artificial general intelligence

A few weeks ago, a splinter group within Facebook’s AI research lab wrote a short treatise on how—theoretically—researchers could start to develop artificial general intelligence. 326 more words

Chipping Away

“NVIDIA is not solely about gaming, there are multiple and growing applications for their chips, we are superficially talking about autonomous driving as a great growth area. 2,155 more words


Predator on High Grounds...

The latest internet cafe that are equipped with the latest Acer Predator Gaming computer with 356mbps fiber optic internet connection. 

Now open to serve online gamer and fanatic online user, but time they serve great food and beverages as well. 273 more words


Citrix Linux VDA now supports Ubuntu 16.04

Last year I wrote a blog on how to find out which Linux distributions are supported by VMware/Citrix, at the time I struggled to find some of the Citrix info as there wasn’t a master list in their documentation. 397 more words