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The Roundup: The Circle Speaks

By Harry Rabinowitz

Somehow, I was convinced to start playing Dark Souls. 30 hours later, mistakes have definitely been made. Luckily for you, the Circle doesn’t make those kinds of mistakes in this week’s Roundup! 112 more words

The Roundup

MediaTek declines to comment on merger rumors

Digi Times  — MediaTek has posted a filing with the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) stating it was not the source of a Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN) report indicating the company is considering a merger with Nvidia. 17 more words


Nvidia Reportedly Working on New Mid-Range GPU

Nvidia is making some noise around the rumor mills talking about the introduction of a new mid-range GPU.

Currently, Nvidia has been utilizing first-generation Maxwell cards in most of their GPU’s, consisting of two different graphics processor: The GM107 and GM108. 242 more words


Pascal 10x performance NVIDIA core analytical framework

NVIDIA sent out by the Ministry of the news shows, NVLink interconnect bus is NVIDIA, IBM co-developed CPU-GPU Fast Track, the next generation of IBM Power processors also support! 239 more words


Guide: PC Handbook For Filthy Casuals

If you’re reading this, congratulations for making the right choice. I don’t wanna know the reason behind it but I’m sure there are only 2:- 1,273 more words


Switching between Intel and NVIDIA graphics processors on a laptop with NVIDIA Optimus hardware running Gentoo Linux

I have a Clevo W230SS laptop with an Intel HD 4600 IGP and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M GPU, running KDE in Gentoo Linux. I could have installed… 1,037 more words


Low power, low profile

The new Quadro K1200 is designed to fit into a compact workstation. The Quadro K1200 is a half-height professional graphics card with 512 CUDA cores in its GM107 GPU – this is also based off the Maxwell processor architecture (more specifically, the first generation Maxwell variant featured on the GM107) – 4GB graphics memory and has a 45W thermal design profile. 14 more words