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#NVPPakistan - National Volunteer Programme launch at #CokeKLF2016

TBL – Triple Bottom-Line, a sustainability advocacy platform working to promote CSR in Pakistan since 2007, is now launching a unique initiative, the National Volunteer Programme (NVP) 419 more words


Ginger klaxon! Exactly how helpful is ginger?

This is what the helpfulness of suggesting ginger to a sick pregnant person looks like as hard data:

It’s a big fat zero.

To be completely clear, the data gathered is for those suffering the serious condition Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which may require hospitalisation. 170 more words


In Bread: my type of food

So enough slating of other people’s food lists, friendly and forbidden, what have I been eating all this time?

Well…bread! January had been a long love affair with everything bread. 763 more words


Unhelpful advice 3: eating at a restaurant

Eating at a restaurant?

You mean leaving the house for recreational purposes and eating for pleasure in a room filled with other people also eating for pleasure and the aromas of their food, the choice of which I have no control over? 353 more words


Unhelpful advice 1: eating all the time will help

Pehaps it’s because I have insane reflux along with the nausea but eating lots of small meals does not help how I feel in these early stages of pregnancy. 133 more words


Open Letter: Why I Don't Vote.

Disclaimer: Think of the following is more of list of things that I don’t understand, rather than a persuasive argument as to why you, or anyone else shouldn’t vote. 1,464 more words


A Tech Vision For Newark - An Ambitious Plan To Transform NJ's Largest City

This is something I wrote for the NJ Tech Meetup website.

Newark, New Jersey – the next tech hub? Could new companies and new jobs be the next big step in the city’s renaissance? 117 more words