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Do Not Resist in Portland October 18-21

Do Not Resist, the new documentary about militarized police by Craig Atkinson, comes to Northwest Film Center October 18-21, 2016.


Stephanie's Portland Picks for May 1 - 15

Stephanie’s Portland Picks: May 1 – 15

As we head into summer, the pace of social life in Portland really picks up. I’m breaking down the next few months into two posts per month because there’s a lot of ground to cover. 581 more words

Wim Wenders: Portraits Along the Road - THE LEFT-HANDED WOMAN

“Writer-director Handke and producer Wenders present a new digital restoration of this exquisite—and little seen—film of the 1970s. A married woman living in the suburbs of Paris separates from her husband and begins adjusting to a life alone. 144 more words

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Wim Wenders: Portraits Along the Road - WINGS OF DESIRE

WINGS OF DESIRE marked Wenders’ homecoming and was his first German film after eight years in America. The main characters are guardian angels—benevolent, invisible beings in trench coats—who listen to the thoughts of mortals and attempt to comfort them. 116 more words

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UCLA Festival of Preservation: John Ford's THE LONG VOYAGE HOME

Between 1939 and his departure for the war in 1942, director John Ford was in the middle of a remarkable string of masterpieces. Gregg Toland, one the greatest-ever cinematographers, was revolutionizing film style with the deep-focus camera techniques that would culminate in his work on CITIZEN KANE. 133 more words

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UCLA Festival of Preservation: Anthony Mann's MEN IN WAR

MEN IN WAR represents a pinnacle of achievement in both the war movie genre and for director Anthony Mann. In the early days of the Korean War, a cut-off platoon tries to get back to its battalion, as Mann’s mythic brother-against-brother theme is played out between a war-weary lieutenant (Robert Ryan), an opportunistic loner (Aldo Ray), and a strange, mute father figure (Robert Keith). 96 more words

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From Bombay to Bollywood: LAGAAN

At the height of the British Raj (colonial rule) in the district of Champaner, extreme drought forces a poor village to appeal to the local governor for relief from their high taxes (“lagaan”). 156 more words

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