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The Secret Best Movie Playing Last Weekend

by Gabriel Valdez

I have a secret. Most of you won’t know what the best movie playing this last weekend was. I’ll give you a hint: it features binoculars. 813 more words


Northwest Tracking: KOINONIA

In a post-American, post-civilization era, billions of people have mysteriously vanished. The cities, left in shambles, are now hubs for the ugliest crimes imaginable. Having lost his family, John heads into the woods to find a mythical town called Faraday. 122 more words

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Italian Style: SUMMERTIME - 35mm print!

Jane (Katharine Hepburn), a lonely American spinster on vacation in Venice and hoping to find romance, succumbs to a passionate, bittersweet affair with Renato (Rossano Brazzi), a married Italian antique dealer. 205 more words

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Italian Style: JULIET OF THE SPIRITS - 35mm print!

The female counterpoint to 8½, Fellini ventures deeply into the surreal as JULIET OF THE SPIRITS explores the repressed desires of a bourgeois housewife, played by Giulietta Masina who stars as a middle-aged woman haunted by hallucinations from her past and subconscious. 222 more words

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Italian Style: L'AVVENTURA - 35mm print!

Antonioni’s meditation on meaning in modern existence remains an obligatory experience in existential cinema-going. On a yachting trip off Sicily, a woman (Lea Massari) mysteriously disappears during an excursion on a desolate island. 232 more words

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Northwest Tracking: THE GLOBE AS A GRAPH

Cotten’s film/music essay examines the average day with the intervention of a little bit of imagination. Through melody, image, color, and natural sound, his film constructs a look at the connecting world we live in—language, growth, time, man, and celebration; city, ocean, discovery, color, and light—in 25 non-linear sections. 100 more words

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Shot by Vanity Fair Correspondent Matt Tyrnauer between 2005 and 2007, VALENTINO: THE LAST EMPEROR, offers an intimate and engaging, fly-on-the-wall insight into the personal and business life of one of Italy’s most famous fashion designers, Valentino Garavani. 185 more words

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