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I’m looking for 3 more people who are interested in starting their own small business. FOR FREE. This can work along side your full time job and other commitments to produce a stable, extra income. 42 more words


Network Marketing: The Secret Sauce

Want more success in your business? Wondering how to make more money? Want your team to grow and progress to a level you have never dreamed of? 731 more words


Is Your TV Killing You?

Did you know that the average American watches more than 4 hours of television per day? We wake up, work our job, come home, and turn on the tube until we have to do it all over again tomorrow. 578 more words


How to Create a Great Facebook Team Page

Having a team atmosphere within your network marketing business is vital to success. If a group of people come together with a common purpose nothing is impossible. 457 more words


Hello again

Hello again, World. :)

Me, as briefly as I can manage:

– Feminist, always striving to be intersectional

– LARPer first, (amateur) ballroom dancer second, board gamer and fangirl around third. 482 more words