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(中文字幕)The Coverup of the Century | Zooming In’s one-hour documentary movie | ZOOMING IN Jun 28, 2020

Zooming In’s one-hour documentary movie follows investigative reporter Simone Gao’s inquiry into critical questions about the pandemic:

What did the Chinese Communist leadership do at the early stages of the outbreak? 50 more words


Let’s Get Real Before Real Gets Us

A call to action by Corey Lynn, author of Corey’s Digs.

I think most people do not want to emulate the actions of Antifa or the BLM movement. 211 more words


The Purge: The Natural Progression Of “Woke” Censorship Is Tyranny

A startling and prescient headline. Tyranny is the road we are currently appear to be on.

Watching the suppression of independent thinkers online is frightening. Not just because it is happening, but because so many seem either oblivious or support it. 48 more words


The White House Coronavirus Task Force - Fascists Take Over

The White House COVID-19 response team is made up of Big Pharma and Bill Gates operatives who are collaborating to destroy the U.S. economy in an effort to usher in the globalist agenda. 624 more words

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Exclusive from General Flynn: If We Don't Act, 2% Of The People Are About To Control The Other 98%

This is obviously aimed at US Citizens. But anyone in the Western World should heed the core message.

The headline says it all. We are approaching a decision point, a fork in the road. 87 more words