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'I'm An Idiot': Pewdiepie Apologizes For Saying N-Word On Stream

(Source: kotaku.com)

YouTube’s biggest star uploaded a video today where he apologized for casually dropping the n-word during a Battlegrounds stream last weekend. “I should know better,” Kjellberg said. 319 more words


My first slap!

So the other day, I slapped a white man across the face because he said the n-word. Well, it was more of a muff-slap. I lived to tell the tale. 1,184 more words


Me not Saying the “N” Word Will Not Make Bill Maher Less Racists… Cut the Shit

Ok ladies grab your glasses because it’s about to GO DOWN.

So in latest news, Bill Maher did an interview with Republican Senator Ben Sasse. The Senator was there to discuss his book when there was a turn in events that quickly transpired. 381 more words

Friday Favorite: Dear White People (Netflix Binge)

Dear White People is a Netflix original show based on the 2014 movie of the same name. The story is set at a college with a group of diverse students. 264 more words

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“Why do we judge others by the stuff we say ourselves?”

Don’t say the N word, don’t say the R word, don’t say the C word. 473 more words