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Sic Transit TRANSIT Glory

I went to the Fulton Center to take photos of my image on the huge video screen, and I found that most of the “NY Minute” videos have been removed, replaced–so soon!–with advertising. 42 more words


The fancy new Fulton Street Transit Center opened today. It’s a building that connects several NYC subway lines near Wall Street and the World Trade Center site. 212 more words

In A NY Minute: 31st & 7th

The other day when I was in a migraine fog standing on a NYC street corner, I became very aware of how much activity seemed to happen on a NYC street corner in such a small amount of time. 203 more words

DJ Low Cut - How We Roll (ft. Dontique)

DJ Low Cut’s, NY Minute, just dropped today and so far this song is really indicative of what you can find on the album.   41 more words


Rounding the corner

People rush around maybe a little bit more in NYC, but I think the NY minute is a myth. Everyone, everywhere, runs a few minutes late, lately.


Gang Stalking - PostaDay 2011 -Where do you find acceptance?

That’s a question I’ve asked myself for the last three years.   Certainly not my family.  They turned against me in a New York minute.  People I thought were friends, also turned against me.  212 more words