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Android Instant Apps

It’s been teased and hinted for a while, but Android Instant Apps is finally rolling out to many Android devices.

Sometimes you click on a link that would prefer to open up inside of its native app (think Instagram), but you don’t have that app installed…well everyone hurts from that. 231 more words


[Eugene Volokh] Libel by quotation out of context

An interesting opinion Tuesday, from a unanimous U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit panel ( Block v. Tanenhaus ): Walter Block is an economics professor … at Loyola University and is an Adjunct Scholar at the Mises Institute. 9 more words

The "Kensington" Stereotype

I haven’t traveled to London, but I’d like to.  Until then, I’ll remind myself of what I don’t know.

Today, the New York Times posted a detailed, lengthy article by Katrin Bennhold which challenges everything outsiders assume about one district in London.  114 more words

NY Times Bestseller List

One of the things I LOVE about kid lit is how tight and cool the community is.

I’ve emailed, interviewed, and am actual friends with (some all 3 others not) 3 authors on this list of 10. 76 more words

That Which is Possible/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

The New York Times, in a recent editorial, wrote this about the Trump Presidency: “… (P)olitics is not “The Art of the Deal,” but the art of the possible.” There is often not only one definitive solution to a particular problem. 124 more words

Civil Divorce

Attending College with Learning Challenges

By Samantha Kolkey

Happy Friday! Hope you all are finishing out the week strong!

Yesterday, an article was published in the New York Times titled “Developmentally Disabled, and Going to College.” All the staff here at Options for College Success found it very relevant at this time of year, as well as an important article to spread awareness of the need for services targeted to those transitioning to college with developmental and learning disabilities.   190 more words

Special Education

Anger feels good?

Recently I read an article called “Isn’t it Outrageous,” by Tim Kreider of the New York Times.  I don’t read the Times with any regularity, but occasionally something catches my attention.  534 more words