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If I had to decide which are the three worst appointments being considered to be on the republican President-elect Donald Trump’s team in the White House, it would be tough pickings. 1,489 more words


For anyone who happens to care about having access to clean air and waterways, who is not a climate change denier; who does want to have the U.S. 1,408 more words


It seems that the republican President-elect Donald Trump has selected a conspiracy nut, retired Lt. General Mike Flynn to be the next National Security Advisor. It would be crucial for the president elect to have information presented to him that is complete with alternate viewpoints, but that would be difficult for someone mired in fantasy fake news stories to accomplish. 1,341 more words


What To Say to a Cancer Patient

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Dr. Stan Goldberg is a Professor Emeritus of Communicative Disorders at San Fransisco State University and the author of the recently published book, … 2,945 more words

There is this chant gaining momentum by surrogates of the republican President-elect Donald Trump, to grant him a chance to show the American peoples how he plans to govern. 1,114 more words

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