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Memo to Theresa May: In Premier League, Russian Roots Run Deep

“LONDON — The Russian flag has been there so long now that it hardly attracts any notice, just another familiar piece of background scenery in the global, cosmopolitan Premier League. 39 more words


Little Reads - March 16, 2018

Little Reads is a weekly blog post dedicated to short stories or essays I find interesting online. They may be older posts or they may have published recently, but you will always find a link to those posts and my opinions here. 598 more words


The Sensational Rise and Expensive Fall of a Paris Superclub

“PARIS — The transfer fee was eye-catching, the salary eye-watering, and the impact jaw-dropping. It seemed to be the move and the moment that signaled a power shift, a change in soccer’s established order. 43 more words


WANDERLUST-Have You Made Your Summer Travel Plans Yet?

I remember coming back from a long trip, as I was sitting on the airplane, I felt so rich on the inside that I was grinning.  298 more words


The Best Exercise for Aging Muscles - The New York Times

Excellent article by Gretchen Reynolds of the NY Times (one of the very few credible and thoughtful writers on physical training) about the cellular benefits of hard exercise. 142 more words


"...I learned that complicated women are “crazy” and complicated men are geniuses..." What's wrong with this?

Lindy West wrote an interesting column in Sunday’s NY Times.  Admittedly, she’s usually a bit too out there for me, but she always makes some good points, even if they’re slightly further than I would ever take them.  1,235 more words

The Wrong Story: Palestine, Israel, and the Media (book review)

Greg Shupak’s new book documents — and corrects — the warped media narrative on the Palestine-Israel conflict.

By Belen Fernandez | Middle East Eye | Feb 22, 2018… 352 more words