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Mary’s first job after college – just a temporary gig- was to be a telephone solicitor for a Mortuary and Cemetery.

She thought she was hired because she was smart, attractive and a college graduate. 456 more words


The Play's The Thing

Human beings need play the way they need vitamins.  ~ lionel tiger ~

Spend the day with a typical older person living in even one of the better “senior lifestyle residences” & notice if any semblance of spontaneous, unstructured PLAY is part of his or her experience. 1,231 more words

Creativity & Aging

Friday Find: Who Has the Right to Make Barbecue?

The history of barbecue, one of America’s most signature dishes https://t.co/fHYJBL9j6H pic.twitter.com/UPCRqvA02b

— The New York Times (@nytimes) July 7, 2017

A must-listen: authors John T.

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New York Times: World’s nations building huge numbers of new coal plants despite emissions growth — Watts Up With That?

A recent article discussed at Watts Up With That? exposed that many of the world’s largest CO2 emitting nations are proceeding with energy policies involving the building of huge numbers of new coal plants without regard to increasing CO2 emissions completely contradicting the aims of the Paris Climate Agreement.

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Climate Matters

Looks Like Global Action On "Climate Change" Is Dead — Watts Up With That?

From the Manhattan Contrarian July 10, 2017/ Francis Menton As a basic starting point, I suggest that on any story of political importance in the New York Times, the truth is probably exactly the opposite of what they report.

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Climate Matters


Once upon a time a family of wandering gypsies arrived in America by way of steamer from Istanbul, and later, by banana boat from Costa Rica.  2,624 more words