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There are a few republican boogeyman organizations conservatives have been wanting to dismantle like Planned Parenthood and the National Endowment for the Arts (N.E.A.). The hatred for the both these entities by the right has nothing to do with facts, how well and efficiently management run them or the benefits both engender. 759 more words


How long is our republican President Donald Trump going to be getting away with not giving a straight definitive answer when being questioned about his campaign members having regular contacts with Russian officials? 897 more words


The issue of our republican President Donald Trump frequently spouting out incorrect information (“fake news”) is extremely problematic, especially when he, his administration and republican legislators are creating policies based on erroneous data. 1,301 more words


Day 27/28/29: Not all Immigrants

By conflating legal and illegal immigrants as the NY Times did in this editorial, they fall into Trump’s trap. It is criminal to enter any country without permission. 50 more words


The Changing American Media Landscape

It continues to be amusing, and pathetic, to hear the legacy media squeal about President Trump’s horrible breaches of Americanism and patriotism. Why, Mr. Trump is undermining the very foundations of democracy! 1,350 more words


ISRO 104 Satellites Launch Scripts a Golden Period in World Space history

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) today launched 104 satellites in a single shot through PSLV-C37 at Sriharikota station in Andhra Pradesh at 9.28 AM. Out of 104 satellites, 96 satellites are from United States of America (USA). 357 more words