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Mourning in Paris

Paris is a good place to mourn. It takes itself very seriously in a way that is sometimes tedious when you are young and full of the future, but is perfect when you are entering middle age and walking down cobblestone streets and missing someone you loved very much, particularly if that someone lived there. 59 more words


2nd District Oregon

Mark Cuban, speaking during The New York Times DealBook conference Thursday. “I think that given the circumstances, there’s a unique opportunity for someone like me who’s independent, and not affiliated to a party in any way,” he said. 82 more words

2nd District

New York Times: Yet Another Example of the Mainstream Media's Promotion of Racism, Bigotry, Pro-Communist, and Anti-Americanist Propaganda

Evans News Report: evansnewsreport.com

By: Brian Evans

The New York Times over the years has had a gradual shifted from a newsworthy organization to a propaganda news site that emphatically promotes racism, bigotry, socialism, and even communism. 656 more words

Trump's dictatorial instincts come to the fore

President Trump increasingly seems to regard the normal checks and balances of USA politics as unreasonable. In particular he seems to want to be able to order politically motivated prosecutions and investigations of people and companies he takes a dislike to. 173 more words

I was Raised in a Cult So I know Anyone & Everyone is Capable of Despicable Acts

So true story, I was raised in a Black nationalist polygamist cult. But that’s not the point of this post.

This post is about how people are trash. 474 more words

Black Girl Unicorn

Are "Consumers" Really "Defying" President By Signing Up For ACA Coverage? Think Again, NYT

Today’s NY Times includes a story by Robert Pear, “Pace of Sign-Ups Under Affordable Care Act Blows Past Prior Years.”  So far so good.  But the first paragraph imputes motives that may not exist: “More than 600,000 people signed up last week for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, significantly beating the pace of prior years as consumers defied President Trump’s assertion that the marketplace was collapsing.” 186 more words

A Night in Belgrade With an Undercover Crowd Monitor: ‘Try to Act Casual’

“BELGRADE, Serbia — At the appointed hour, the man picked up his phone, sat down on the couch in his hotel, and dialed the number. ‘Yes, hello, I’m calling you on behalf of Fare,’ he said, dropping the name of… 90 more words