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“Referendum” on Donald Trump Ends in Humiliating Defeat For Leftists — Infowars

An election that the New York Times said “was largely seen as a referendum on the first months of Donald J. Trump’s presidency,” ended in humiliating defeat for leftists as Republican Karen Handel beat Jon Ossoff despite being outspent by a margin of 7 to 1.One has to praise the NY Times for at least…

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Donald Trump

Justice Department Slams Anonymously Sourced News Reports — Young Conservatives

It has been insane watching “news” sources like the New York Times and Washington Post publish story after story based on nothing but “anonymous” sources. Obviously, anonymous sourcing has to be used in news but they have taken it to a ridiculous level.

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Amazon to Buy Whole Foods Market

At the end of this post, please click the link to a New York Times story about the expected purchase of Whole Foods Market by Amazon. 85 more words

Lena Dunham: ‘Disastrous’ Not To Mandate Free Birth Control For Women

Screeching liberal Lena Dunham just penned an op-ed printed by the New York Times (because of course), that discussed the inevitably disastrous effects of rolling back Obamacare’s birth control mandate.

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The NAACP: Joining The Resistance

Remember the National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People? At one time, the organization actually did some good, serving as a part of the Civil Rights Movement that made necessary change. 1,123 more words