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NYC Good Local Passport – 26 Local Spirits and Craft Beers

For two months this Fall enjoy 26 craft beers and cocktails with a Good Local Passport.

In celebration of the season of harvest Good Passports… 151 more words

Festivals/Events (Food & Spirits)


“It’s a Baijiu bar,” was the recommendation. “Have you had Baijiu before?”

I arrive first and wait patiently, taking in the room. It smells like sage. 431 more words


Donna Cocktail Club

Infatuation described Donna as right under the Williamsburg bridge, making it sound like an appealing stop-off for a night cap. Adorable, clean, and well thought out, upon entrance the design is chic and brilliant. 447 more words


Get a Birds Eye View of The City with Charleston’s Best Rooftop Bars

Sometimes, the best way to take in Charleston is to have a drink at one of the many rooftop bars to choose from. You can expect breathtaking views of the Charleston waterfronts and Holy City sunsets for an experience to remember for a lifetime. 174 more words

Campbell Apartment

I come into the Campbell Apartment late on a Tuesday night. Still before midnight, the space’s seating is mostly full. There are only a few stools at the bar, and one is available. 497 more words


Mother's Ruin (a chronicle)

Loud noises and permeate the air. A siren from an unmarked car seems unnecessary; it does no good. We have no notion of how late it is, and the bustle around Mother’s Ruin indicates the time is earlier. 394 more words


The real Sex and The City

I’m sure you’ve all heard; dating in New York is considered challenging at best. It seems common knowledge around the world that the singles in the City work hard, play even harder and are notoriously cut-throat. 421 more words

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