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A Quick Guide: New York City

Taking on NYC for the first time can be super overwhelming. So many amazing bars, restaurants and local hot spots that you might not even know exist. 576 more words


Eat More Dessert


We decided to meet up last Saturday night, our original plans were to see a movie, but why bother when you can spend the whole night perfectly content to gab away. 326 more words


To the Bowery!


I truly believe that we all feel a certain level of need for adventure in our lives. I also believe that the attention we pay to this need has a direct correlation to our level of happiness. 822 more words



Ivy hangs in the windows, filtering the light from the chilly winter sky. Stepping into the restaurant on a Friday greets me with a fully sat interior. 392 more words


August Laura's Amaretto Sour Recipe

The nostalgic Amaretto Sour at August Laura in Brooklyn, New York, is seriously addictive. Alyssa Sartor, co-owner, shares her recipe which uses egg white and flavorful Nicino walnut liqueur, which adds sophistication and a seductive, creamy element to each sip. 108 more words

An NYC Bar Guide For Every NFL Fan Base

Because who wants to get drunk with the enemy?. BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { if (BF_STATIC.bf_test_mode) localStorage.setItem(‘posted_date’, 1409246748); }); BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { document.getElementById(“update_posted_time_3429466”).innerHTML = “posted on ” +

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Bar Goto

“Anywhere in mind?” Lizzie texted.

“Bar Goto has been on my list,” I reply. A note has hung in my office saying the bar’s name for some time. 275 more words