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7 deadly sins | Gluttony

Gluttony (n.) Habitual greed or excess in eating.

My Experience with Gluttony

As someone with many dietary restrictions, being gluttonous is masochistic. If I overindulge in anything fried, creamy, spicy, cheesy, or well fatty in general, that’s pretty much the end of my day. 100 more words

New Blogger

New Subway Trains for NYC

I am all for change, in some cases, I even welcome it. But when it comes to the NYC subway system, one needs to tread carefully. 850 more words

Snowboarding in NYC

It’s times like these that I wish I had learned to snowboard.  I tried once, but let’s just say I was not very good.  There is something very humbling about watching five year old children zoom past you with little fear and exceptional balance. 73 more words

Snow Storm Jonas Hits NYC

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, or living on the West Coast, you have most likely heard about Winter Storm Jonas which has been taking out much of the East Coast. 132 more words

Chelsea Market Trip Part II

After my first trip to Chelsea Market last Winter, I thought I’d go back again this year. It was in the summer and I was fresh from recovery when I knew I wanted to try more things… 217 more words


Fall is Here in NYC. Sort Of....

We have an official Indian Summer in progress in NYC. Last week, it hit 70 degrees a couple of times, which for me is a pleasure, though completely odd for November. 101 more words

Halloween in NYC: Better Late Than Never!

Another Halloween has come and gone in NYC. It can be a crazy affair, especially when it lands on a Saturday night. Trust me, I lived it! 448 more words