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Oh, Look! Snow...Again!

I keep hoping that we will get a break from the cold weather and snow of this abominable winter of 2015.  Yesterday we broke an all time low record in NYC.  191 more words

Danger! Falling Ice!

The snow is so lovely when it first falls in NYC.  It has been romanticized in film and television for decades, but like most things, there is a dark side!  183 more words

Snowpocalypse 2015!!!!! Is a Bust in NYC…

Snowpocalypse 2015 is a bust in NYC, but even still, I had a lot of fun!  And even though we were let off easy this time, I have heard places like Boston got pounded, so hang in there New England and stay safe! 159 more words

Curious NYC: Frozen Drain Pipe

This is a new feature I like to call Curious NYC.  A person never knows what they will find when wandering around the city so I figured why not document them when the mood strikes.  102 more words

What Will We Find on the Subway Today? Part I

Riding the subway in NYC is always an adventure.  Check YouTube for proof.  There you will find an assortment of crazy shenanigans and odd curiosities all cram packed onto one transportation system.  152 more words

Dinner with A Friend

Even on a chilly evening like tonight, there is nothing quite as wonderful as walking through Central Park all bundled up in your winter best.  Half of the adventure is walking to the park itself on many of the various avenues leading up to one of the many entrances. 151 more words