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The NYC Thaw

Here in NYC, we thought we were in the clear as far as winter goes.  That was not the case!  Yesterday, we got nailed by snow yet again!  350 more words

Welcome to New York City Footie

Welcome to NYC Footie. We’re glad to have you.

This site was created out of a desire for an authentic, reputable, and knowledgable source for NYC soccer fans. 206 more words


Goodbye February, Hello February?!?

This blog has become the weather channel apparently!  I don’t want this to be the case, but the snow gods are displeased and here we are again getting nailed by snow yet again in NYC!  192 more words

Curious NYC: Just Hanging Around

Today I decided to head to the store because I have a busy week ahead of me and food will be the last thing on my mind when the poo hits the fan!  147 more words

Arizona Video Highlights!

Whew!  It has been busy lately!  Unfortunately, not for my blog, there hasn’t been time!  But I did put together a new video with my outtakes from Arizona.  191 more words

Oh, Look! Snow...Again!

I keep hoping that we will get a break from the cold weather and snow of this abominable winter of 2015.  Yesterday we broke an all time low record in NYC.  191 more words

Danger! Falling Ice!

The snow is so lovely when it first falls in NYC.  It has been romanticized in film and television for decades, but like most things, there is a dark side!  183 more words