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Big Trouble

I haven’t been in trouble in a long time, but I — like all of us, I’m sure — remember the fear of being totally helpless in the aftermath, when all you can do is sit around and wait. 168 more words

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Too Good

Disclaimer: I’m looking for a car, and I wrote this poem before checking out the dealership on Yelp. Turns out the place is a scam. I’m not entirely surprised, but it’s still defeating none the less. 186 more words

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Friday Feature Poet: Reign Taylor

Our first Friday Featured Poet is the multi-faceted, Reign Taylor. Check out her most recent piercing piece, “Forever”.

Our first Friday Featured Poet is the lyrcist, Reign Taylor. 335 more words

Speak Heart (Summore Heartache Poem)

Allow my heart to speak.

Speak heart…
And don’t lay on pages
Making me unable to turn them.

Reflect the power I need
And strap me… 309 more words

Hrsh Reyalitee