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…regardless of your relationship status.

Friday afternoon I strolled by (briskly walked, because it was freezing) this freshly painted street art in NYC. Still wet when I found it, the artist’s paintbrushes were dripping with black ink onto the pavement. 38 more words


Street Art from NYC

Street art is, hands down, one of the best things about large cities… other than 14-dollar packs of cigarettes, of course. 92 more words



Here is a little Wednesday cheer, thanks to New York street artist, Hanksy. Do not worry everyone, the week is almost over.

-km xoxo


Love Heals Foundation Dedicates Mural Project to AIDS Activist Alison Gertz

This Saturday, Love Heals, the Alison Gertz Foundation for AIDS education, will host its official dedication of the “What’s Your Sign? Mural Project” in Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights neighborhood. 699 more words


Look Up!

Things you see when you lift your head up from your iPhone while you’re walking down the street. But then you immediately grab your iPhone to take a photo or add to Snapchat story… 16 more words

Be still my beating NYC HeART

I lived in New York City for a few short-but-long-enough years in the “early 2000s”.  My renovated-but-still-affordable apartment was on (as we told my girlfriend’s conservative suburban mother) the “upper upper upper East Side.   271 more words

Gum Shoe Art

Recently this popupal picture appeared on social media – it is a mural done by Angela China in NYC who uses the nickname GUMSHOEART.
As her nickname indicates, her street art focuses on shoes and chewing gums. 49 more words

Street Art