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Be still my beating NYC HeART

I lived in New York City for a few short-but-long-enough years in the “early 2000s”.  My renovated-but-still-affordable apartment was on (as we told my girlfriend’s conservative suburban mother) the “upper upper upper East Side.   271 more words

Gum Shoe Art

Recently this popupal picture appeared on social media – it is a mural done by Angela China in NYC who uses the nickname GUMSHOEART.
As her nickname indicates, her street art focuses on shoes and chewing gums. 49 more words

Street Art

Tag This: Collector Commissions Huge Graffiti Project in the Bronx

The cultural value of graffiti, an art form that has found its home on the blank, urban surfaces of New York City, has long been debated amongst collectors, academics and NYC residents themselves. 412 more words

Bradley Theodore

One of my favourite NYC street artists is Bradley Theodore and recently on instagram I saw Nicky Hilton post a photo of a new portrait of Karl Lagerfeld and his iconic cat, Choupette. 63 more words


Painting the Town Black

In the 1970s, graffiti emerged as a powerful form of self-expression on New York City streets. Our recent exhibition City as Canvas offered a window into the origins of this movement, and its evolution as graffiti artists like Lee Quinones and Lady Pink moved from the streets to canvases and gallery walls – and gained prominence in the art community. 459 more words

Photography Collection

New York Times

As we celebrate Cristofero Colombo’s discovery of the new world on a random day in 1492, I thought I’d put together a little photomontage that represents  random little discoveries of any given day. 353 more words

Collecting My Thoughts

creation of

Took a shot of this cool piece in my neighborhood this morning, a modern interpretation of Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam. This piece is by artist James Bullough, and I really like his style.    10 more words