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Glen Island Harbour Club Wedding Album: Lauren and Mike

Hot off the press is a wedding album from Glen Island Harbour- designed my yours truly, and printed by Finao.  It also has one of my favorite looks: black pattern leather with a b&w cover photo.   23 more words

Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

The Venetian Wedding Albums

Double shot of Venetian wedding albums!  I never had two albums come in from two different weddings from the same place…  The best is that both albums by Finao have my two favorites covers: metallic canvas and the magical mystery glass.   34 more words

Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

A Ring By Spring + Hornblower New York Proposal: NYC Proposal Photographer

This might definitely be more of a tradition in the South, but they say “a ring by spring”… of your senior year of college typically. However, lately I’ve been hearing this more across the country to allow time to still plan a wedding and get married within the same year. 143 more words


Lisa and Derrick's Blissful Blizzard Wedding

When I first spoke with Lisa and Derrick, I was a little surprised to hear a couple so enthusiastic about getting married in the middle of February. 50 more words

Jericho Terrace Wedding: Jaclyn and Chris

It’s here!  This wedding album by Finao (of course) is REALLY nice: hi gloss canvas cover, with one of our favorite leathers around the spine and back.   24 more words

Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

Your Wedding: Unplugged

Picture this: it’s your wedding day, the day you have dreamed about and spent months planning.  You’re about to walk down the aisle to your soon-to-be spouse.   630 more words

Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer