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Lincoln Center opening

The man of the hour: Danny Elfman walks the black carpet. #ElfmanNYC pic.twitter.com/F8nvBCQCR8

— Lincoln Center (@LincolnCenter) July 6, 2015

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Movie Star in Our Midst

Yesterday, I overheard one of the guys after the service referring to how Norma (a lady who faithfully attends) popped up on the tv while he was watching Law and Order. 842 more words


A pair of tickets to see Television at the Fillmore in the city fell into the lap of my better half this week. Typically, we’ll see bands that are younger, because usually they are doing things that are more interesting. 68 more words


7•7•2015 | WELCOME

Welcome World!

First, we want to start off by saying thanks for checking out our (soon to be) awesome blog. To introduce ourselves, I’ll say that we are 2 girls living, as we see it, in the greatest city in the world. 245 more words


"Be in Love with Your Life Every Minute" -Asshole

The thoughts that went through my head today: fuck I’m tired, do I really have to do this, I love coffee, nah I’m don’t need to brush my hair, God New York is great, shit..I really shouldn’t have worn a t-shirt today, seat on the train – thank God, really..why did I wear a t-shirt today, I hate the IRS, I hate everyone, please don’t talk to me, fuck what can I say to get out of this, escaped that one, I love cereal, I love coffee, alright let’s crush work today, I hate her, why didn’t I think of that, I’m terrible at my job, why am I always so tired, can I ever even do this, wow I really hate my boss, don’t snap, don’t snap, I’m tired, coffee just doesn’t quite do it, over-worked, I need money, under-appreciated, hungry, I suck, why am I the only one who can’t do this, might as well give up, chocolate helps, fuck it, I’m done, okay one more email…, well maybe one more.., shit I am missing the Bachelorette, cookie dough cures all. 38 more words


Men Like Bitches..Who Don't Put Out

I absolutely hate the book Why Men Love Bitches – the concepts and “rules” described therein manage to be both antiquated and sexist, despite trying to break women out of their traditional gender role.   536 more words