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Drifting Away

Ask yourself, when am I the most peaceful? Moments of total peace are hard to come by, needless to say the least.

Years ago I was sitting street side by an coffee shop near by the Arno River in Florence. 206 more words

Driving for Uber is best when you own your own vehicle.

I Went to my Uber vehicle rental company yesterday. I had been writing to someone by email at the company explaing that I need to lower my costs. 328 more words



I took this photo under a bridge, where 96th st. lets out onto the Henry Hudson Parkway. Homer appears to have been drawn with a cigarette lighter or something on fire. Incredible. GB.

As Seen In NYC

You love New York City? You'll love Tom Meyers and Greg Young, the Bowery Boys, and their podcast.

When I was in school—decades ago—history was one of my two least favorite subjects. I’ve come to the conclusion that my lack of interest in history was due, in no small part, to the textbooks of the time and my teachers and professors. 505 more words