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So Say the Winos, Part 9

The Krishnas were sitting in a circle on the floor in preparation of their evening meal when Daniel arrived. Those assigned to serving carried bowls of rice and vegetables, placing them in the middle of the circle while others lit candles or passed out paper plates.  485 more words


I Love New York and New York Loves Me

New York City has always treated Me well on My previous visits. This is the first time, however, that I’m here as a (pro-)Domme and I’ve attended fetish events – and My perception that this city looks after its inhabitants so well has only been reinforced in the past few weeks. 329 more words



Babbo – Yelp

Scott really wanted to try Babbo as he had heard great things from his friends so we made a reservation. Reservations are pretty easy to get, even only a couple of days out (if you are willing to dine at lunch or a later hour). 387 more words



Anyone familiar with American TV has to have been exposed to numerous episodes of crime based drama on the gritty streets of New York City. You watch enough of these paranoid cop shows and it is easy to believe that crime is running rampant down the streets of NYC. 340 more words