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I'm Still Fly, I'm Sky High

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You know in those action movies where people run on to a rooftop and there’s a strategically placed helicopter that’s somehow already whirring at full-speed and then the second the character jumps into it, it takes off? 820 more words


Adrian Ghenie

The Alpine Retreat // Adrian Ghenie // oil on canvas // 2016 // 270.5 x 300.4 x 5.1 cm

Adrian Ghenie is known for his unique oil painting style which blends abstract and representational figures and objects. 68 more words


Earth Day and the March for Science: WPC

I admit I didn’t march in the Women’s March. I had a lot of homework and I’m not particularly fond of crowds or being up at 7 am on a freezing winter weekend. 240 more words


Retail Blog Entry #10

What are the important differences between passive and aggressive methods of pricing? What types of retailers use each method? Compose a brief response (250 to 500 words) and support it with at least one external source–website, video or article. 10 more words

MAR361 - Retail Management

April 22,2017

What the hell is Love? Do we really even know what it is or just the idea of it? I’m asking you…

Is Love a scam; is it a risky investment or what about heart break… it’s always going to be opposite when it comes to meeting someone who really feels the same way about you. 565 more words


The rusting underground


I have always been amazed by decay in all sorts of things, especially in things that we use in our daily basis, the metro has become a big part of our routine for a while now. 107 more words


How to Be...A Disaster Cake

I love to bake. I used to “stress-bake,” but when I realized that life is actually pretty stressful and my metabolism is actually pretty slow, I started saving baking for special occasions; like birthdays. 1,275 more words

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