Lately all I’ve been posting here on my blog is poetry (thanks to all my new followers!) However, at one point this blog was mainly a journal about my teaching career. 415 more words


#TomPorton, Hero Teacher, retires

I’ll save the comments for later. These are Tom Portman’s words. Please read. – Jonathan

To all my friends and supporters:… It is with mixed emotions that I announce that I will be retiring from the New York City Department of Education on February 1, 2016. 706 more words


2 years in, 2 to go - it's time, it's past time, for de Blasio to clean house

Top priority should be cleaning house, now.
Get the remaining Kleinies and incompetents out of Tweed.
Audit principals with high staff turnover.

As 2015, de Blasio’s second year as mayor, closes, there’s not a lot to look back on. 623 more words

New York

How the new Framework vision aligns with NYC CEP (comprehensive educational plan), and how it excludes Parent Engagement and Students with Special Needs.

If you look at your NYC schools’ Portal page  by typing the name and then portal page


Looking at the statistics and Budget tab to the left and click, Then scroll to the following on that page ( lots of other helpful info on this page so feel free to explore and learn more about your students school). 166 more words

NYC DOE Public School Parenting

NYC DOE And the new Framework is not working.

I think that the new NYC Public schools support structure clearly lacks any real support. In that there is little to no effective use of leadership and even once decent teachers now turned admins have lost their skills to lead by example. 547 more words

NYC DOE Public School Parenting

de Blasio / Fariña - not performing up to expectations

I think those who are trashing them are wrong.

I think those who are defending them are wrong.

I’ll leave out the non-education stuff – that’s more complicated, and while de Blasio has chalked up some pretty big blunders, he’s miles better than the guy he replaced. 903 more words

New York

Thoughts on the New NYC Framework for Great Schools

Right now I am supposed to be working on my undergraduate thesis and/or graduate school applications, except that I have writer’s block. And the best thing to do when you have writer’s block is to write, so here I am, procrastinating from writing about education by…writing about education. 1,235 more words