True Grit vs. Socioeconomic Status

The idea that a student’s work ethic predicts academic outcomes and future success, was famously coined as “true grit” by psychologist, Angela Duckworth. Duckworth found that teachers could teach grit to their students and that grit ultimately predicted GPA and graduation rates. 161 more words

It's time to push Fariña on unfair funding, bad principals

There are a ton of major issues to push with the NYC Department of Education. But my gut says these two should be priority. What do you think? 604 more words

New York

5 Things You Should Know About the NYCDOE

1. New York City’s education system is controlled by the mayor.

In 2002, Mayor Mike Bloomberg attained control of the NYC education system from the state legislature. 298 more words

National Hot Dog Day, Kindergarten Math, and More

 “I’d rather hear it from an avatar.”

Who’s with us? We know the millions of teachers who use Voki worldwide can agree, but we’ll speak for ourselves—avatar technology rocks. 434 more words

Many NYC High Schools got treated badly by Bloomberg/Klein - when do we fix the damage?

My caucus brought the following resolution to the UFT Executive Board June 1, 2015 – 51 weeks ago. The Unity leadership tabled it, and never brought it back. 522 more words

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Resolution "For Appropriate Supervision"

This resolution was presented at the UFT Executive Board, and tabled for revisions. I wrote about it last week. Find below the actual text. 332 more words

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Sabbatical Applications Due March 17, 2016

This from the UFT Chapter Leader Update:  Eligible teachers who want to study to enhance their teaching skills have until March 17 to submit an application via SOLAS for a study… 224 more words