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Major Lazer - Light It Up (feat. Nyla & Fuse ODG) [Remix]

Artist: Major Lazer feat. Nyla & Fuse ODG

Nation: USA

Released: 1 March 2016

Electronic Dance Music

Pic of the day...

Thanks to the very special reader who sent me this picture of her kitties! Their names are Nyla and Bobo-how adorable are they?


Major Lazer - Light ft Nyla & FUSE ODG

Major Lazer link up with Nyla and Fuse ODG for this aesthetically pleasing video which captures funeral rites in a remote village in Ghana. Major Lazer’s demographic grows wider and wider with their diverse cultural appeal.


Caring for Fossil Rim’s gentle giants

There are more than 50 species of animals at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, but perhaps none that loom larger in stature and popularity with visitors than the giraffes. 1,459 more words

New school garden at Belgaum

As any fourth grader will tell you, a finite system will not yield unlimited resources. But that controlling the printing presses. And so they print and print and print, yet remain flummoxed when supply (and increasingly, demand for that matter) does not increase the way they expect.

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