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The Mystery Deepens...6!

One of the earliest sightings of Shaw (if not the earliest) was in this issue of Span (plus cover to boot) in March 1963. It featured Catherine Small (not exactly an S&S topliner) on a sled and as you can see the photographs are marked up credited to Shaw. 229 more words


The Mystery Deepens...5!

The Fullarton rocker, adorned by the zip-busting Sandra McPherson and Nikki St John and then by one Margo Stevens, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Maureen Sweeney in The Mystery Deepens…2! 106 more words


The Mystery Deepens...4!

Here to my mind is further evidence that JBF was not associated with what we have come to accept as the Bearsden clan. The first three girls — Janette Goodman, Julie Scott and Helen Candlish — were unquestionably Fullarton’s; the fourth, one Susan McKay, who is described as assistant to a hair stylist in Glasgow, I would be pretty sure was one too. 121 more words


The Mystery Deepens...3!

There is evidence Fullarton used more than one room in his house, but this was the main one, with its distinctive flowery wallpaper and grand old fireplace. 323 more words


The Mystery Deepens...2!

When you think about it it should have been bleedin’ obvious! That there were two Scottish photographers, one giving way to the other. Here are some examples of definite Fullarton work (though the jury maybe out on the fourth example, which I will probably come back to later). 201 more words


The Mystery Deepens...!

Well I never, you could knock me down with the proverbial! The prospect of a second Scottish snapper has more than once been raised, most recently in connection with the community hall pictures of Louise Crawford posted earlier. 251 more words


Jane, Ann & Cherie

Figures in a landscape. All roads lead back to Ayrshire, it would appear. I have posted these six images from the famous Jane/Ann/Cherie frolic to display that the location selected was quite exposed, with the girls right out in the open air. 124 more words