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From The Video Vault 5

Here’s another sequence featuring the same old girl, this time giving some stunning casual heels and hose action on the sofa which is pure Spick and Span. 112 more words



During Spick and Span’s slow descent towards oblivion in the 1970s the magazines relied increasingly on recycled material and filler. Sometimes the filler hit the spot and I certainly had a hard one for this girl, one Jan Kearney. 155 more words


Lisa 3

Lovely Lisa, nice and brassy, looking like she’s up for a really good filthy time in that front room. I was listening the other day to Brian Matthew’s excellent Sound Of The 60s programme and he played Val Doonican’s first hit, Walk Tall (though not actually my cup of tea, to be honest). 233 more words


Lisa 2

Lisa outdoors, evidently chilly as she’s wearing gloves, probably taken winter ’66/’67, the same time as Dawn De Vere. The parkland location and the car are similar to the ones in which Dawn appears so as it was at the same time I am assuming it was the same photographer. 102 more words



Another fringe girl appearing in Spick and Span around the same time as Dawn De Vere was Lisa Scott, nice and tarty in her bottle blonde beehive (shades of Marion McGregor). 130 more words


where the sun don't shine... #SinfulSunday

where the sun don’t shine

and a lamp works just fine

light up the dark so you know where you belong

between my legs

up my dress… 84 more words

Erotic Photography


In their 1960s golden period the heartbeat of Spick and Span was supplied by home-grown (Jane McKay, Susan Douglas, Maggie McCully, etc), Fullarton (Janette Goodman, Mary Graham, Helen Candlish, etc), Shaw (no need to name ‘em) and lastly Howard (ditto). 122 more words