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Shaw Thing 11

To lose one Scottish colossus is unfortunate. To lose two is careless (to paraphrase Oscar W). But that is indeed what happened. It would seem the apprentice Shaw disappeared as suddenly as the master Fullarton. 743 more words


Some photos from my shoot last year

Last year I was very excited to be shooting with a meetup group in Sydney. The makeup artist was amazing (I seriously recommend her) and the photographers were really nice and made me feel very comfortable. 44 more words


Shaw Thing 10

Well, here we are back with Anne. There is no point going over again everything that has already been said about her. Reason for this posting is that she represented the time at which Shaw hit the big time. 355 more words


Shaw Thing 9

Before moving on, Medium 2 in his comment to the previous post raises the question of remuneration with regard to duo/trio sets such as these. I thought I would take the opportunity of giving my view here. 884 more words


Shaw Thing 8

Back to three of the quartet and the first of the real Shaw discoveries and stars, Cathy Brydon possibly apart. It is often more interesting to see what has been left out than put in. 254 more words


Shaw Thing 7

Everyday girls. Joan Glover, perched on the bedside table in the master bedroom, being urged to hitch up her skirt (note table lamp just dumped on the floor beside); “happy housewife” Shirley Holden leaning on a tree, skirt hitched right up, waiting for a caning or one up the backside perhaps; Susan Ashford in the garage, dolled up as if to go out on a date, one boob out, ready for a good seeing to in the back of the Vauxhall. 339 more words


Shaw Thing 3

In the summer of ’63 there appeared this clutch of Shaw ladies: Mitzi McLean, Morag Cunningham, April Johnstone, Wendy Hughes, Margaret McLennan, Elizabeth Ritchie and Anne Crossan. 186 more words