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Assassin Bug Nymph

This is a welcome guest to our garden.  Pest control without pesticides.  This is a young nymph taking refuge in a lily, waiting on lunch to visit the flower.  34 more words

Carried Away.....

Please tell me you have got started with a project and it sort of develops a life of it’s own!  I just can’t be the only one to loose track of time while becoming so immersed in what I was doing.   262 more words


Bex Hex -Hexagenia Limbata

A hexagenia nymph imitation created by Gerry Beck

A Red River Favorite

Hook – 2X #6 or #4 Streamer Hook
Weight – 1/4″ Gold Cone Head + 12 Wraps .020″ Lead Wire… 471 more words


Pholidoptera griseoaptera - Gemeine Strauchschrecke - dark bush-cricket

Art (species): Pholidoptera griseoaptera – Gemeine Strauchschrecke – dark bush-cricket
Gattung (genus): Pholidoptera
Unterfamilie (subfamily): Tettigoniinae
Familie (family): Tettigoniidae
Überfamilie (infraorder): Tettigonioidea – Laubheuschrecken – katydid… 46 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Face - Hardened

We saw many faces staring at us as we walked downtown. They all stood frozen in rock or metal with a very solid steadfast gaze. 13 more words


Anti-Lock Damsel

Early fall can be a great time to fish damsel and dragonfly patterns. Even though their emerging activity has slowed dramatically, trout have grown accustomed to see many of them over the summer and LOVE to eat them. 711 more words