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wisps of mist
the sighs of nymphs
frozen in the sleep abyss
the crystalline dreamscape
embrace of winter

awakened by the simple kiss
the warm caress of their dear lovers lips… 9 more words


Of Fantasy...Dragons and Fairylike Creatures


The hidden Europe

 Introducing Slavic folklore as a theme in computer animation.



Aquaria has been defined as a mix of Ecco the Dolphin, Metroidvania and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It follows the story of Naja, a mermaid, or nymph like being who looks to uncover the past. 139 more words


The Weeping Nymph

The Weeping Nymph by alexyoon featuring garden home decor

Blue home accessory
6 660 SEK – etsy.com

Paper wall art
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Garden home decor
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SciFridays gets deep with "Killer Mermaid" (2014)

Baddie – Underutilized myths.

Lesson – Sometimes the mermaid isn’t the problem. Sometimes it’s the guy behind you holding a grappling hook.

Despite the opening music sounding like someone applied the charming sounds of glass bowls over the original… 710 more words

Movie Review