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Nice fish before breakfast!

Fishing the Rienz River near Olang in South Tirol.


The Chronology of PT/35(b): 3 September 1990

Some time prior to 3 September 1990

In Williamson’s memo to the SIO dated 3/9/90 he summarised the various enquiries
that had been conducted in relation to the timer fragment, including the visit to Washington on 22 June 1990 and the link to the timing device. 73 more words


The Chronology of PT/35(b): 14-17 August 1990

14-17 August 1990

According to L-J’s Crown precognition, on this date he and John Crawford attended
the premises of Temparton Limited in Reading in possession of a photograph of the… 112 more words


Pleiades Part 1

Etymology – “Daughters of Pleïone,” plein “to sail,” pleos “full” or “many” in plural, peleiades “flock of doves”

Also known as: The Seven Sisters, Vergilia, Vergiliae, Ladies of Plenty… 1,444 more words


Southern Tirol there we are....

Flyfishing the Talfer River near Bozen in Southern Tirol.


Nature | Clizia

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By crescenzov2

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The Dog Days

Booking fly fishing in the dog days of summer is always a gamble, a gamble which the fly angler very rarely wins. The odds are that in the middle of the year the rivers will either be running low due to a lack of water or bursting their banks during the increasingly common tropical deluge that positions itself over our grey and drizzly land. 1,235 more words