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Daemon (Daimones) Spirits


(Day-Mon) or Daimones meaning Spirits of the countryside or Sacred beings . Are wild rustic spirits and inhabitants of the forest, mountains and uncultivated fields. These spirits form entourages for Artemis, Dionysus, Hermes, Pan and Kybele. 721 more words

The Wolves of Rome

Chapter 34

April 18th, 2023
The sun was high in the sky as Echo slowly made her way to the central Roman Temple. The great complex Kebechet and Nora had designed was still being overseen by architects and city planners, so a former administrative building had been gutted and redesigned to act as a primary center for the Greco-Roman deities to be worshipped if they lacked a dedicated shrine of their own. 2,830 more words

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The Wolves of Rome

Chapter 31

April 15th, 2023
Echo stepped lightly down the stairs to the basement of Nora’s home, almost soundless as her bare feet passed over the cold floor. 2,064 more words

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Child Fairy/Wood Nymph Costume

When my daughter asked to be a fairy for Halloween I of course didn’t just buy a fairy costume on Amazon or throw a pair of wings on her dance tutu. 240 more words

37-Ride in the Dark

Jemin had done just fine without us. When we found him, he was in the midst of tying the soldiers together. One of the lamps was still lit, sitting on the ground and casting a small pool of golden light. 1,063 more words


"On My Vise"- The Pompadour Wiggle Emerger

Yesterday I tied at Dette Trout Flies Partridge Days Show at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum.

It’s always a fun show as many of them are, and you get to see “the usual suspects” behind the vise! 628 more words


Cyberart 'Blue Nymph'

‘Blue Nymph’ – Cyberart by Mirakali

Music, videos, photos and art by Mirakali: http://www.Mirakali.net

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