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Naked Nymphs and Horny Satyrs

I popped into the Wallace Collection yesterday, after having lunch with my brother near Oxford Street, and found myself entranced by the erotic miniatures in the Boudoir Cabinet. 914 more words

18th Century Art

In A Former Life

M. A. ISTVAN JR. is a zodiac surgeon and respected board member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research. Whereas most other zodiac surgeons are equipped to shift your sign only one position forward, Istvan can shift your sign either one position forward or—barring the unlikely circumstance that you are a menopausal Pisces with a quadruped gait—even one position back.  157 more words



Drawing deeper
Than ever before
The water will relinquish
Its power and secrets
She will thrive
In knowledge
And energy
Till she is whole

All life begins… 63 more words


The Nymph

I am a woman, a fragile being
I’m astouned by what I’m seeing
People rushing, too fast walking
People hushing, never talking

I was born in the forest green… 165 more words


Stuck in my Bed ...

Laying down on my bed

Thinking about all the absurd things

Memories from past…..

They invade my mind like a Irma and left me helpless as it’s after effect… 322 more words


Little Gods

The Ethereal Player’s Guide suggests that PC Etherials should be built on 6 Forces, I think that they should match the Force count of other PCs. 398 more words

In Nomine