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Lady Flora

Lady loved the plants’ light green
With flowers brightly red.
Her face angelically serene
Had leaves to shade her head.

Desert days, her stems unbent; 60 more words


How to Tie a Prince Nymph Fly: Video

The Prince Nymph is one of those flies that just works! Some say it is a stonefly nymph, others say it is an attractor, but I think that it is both. 167 more words

Fly Tying Video's

CFFC: Starts with Ap


An apsara is a female spirit of the clouds and waters in Hindu and Buddhist mythology. Apsaras are a common motif on temples and other buildings throughout  Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, and other parts of Southeast Asia. 58 more words


Hopper season has arrived in the Driftless

Had an awesome couple hours on the water last Monday afternoon. The cloud cover was good. Air wasn’t too warm. And a breeze made for good upper conditions. 106 more words

Material Talk: Articulated Wiggle Shanks

The first time I thought about tying something with an extended body I tried to cut the ends off of my hooks, and after a few sticks to my fingers, not to mention the waste of money.. 194 more words

Fly Tying

Fiction: ‘Sprites’

She sits above the surface of the water, looking out at the golden sea. Her toes skim the waves as she swings gently backwards and forwards. 541 more words



Girlhood is the beginning of summer, Skin of shaded gold and bronze.

It’s those wet rose lips, It’s that delicate mirror face.

Gape mouth, Pearl teeth, Fluttering eyelashes mimicking a butterfly. 137 more words