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Amazing Capture

AMAZING catch by Larry Shackelford, from Fayetteville, of this 25″ brown trout at Bull Shoals last weekend.

Brown trout in this class are a tough catch anytime, even more so when you are trying to manage your own watercraft, harder still when you need to paddle. 161 more words


Wood Fairy

Watercolor. Fairly old but still decent.



I overlooked something when I checked the Nymph for damage. Do you see it?

The rear stop for the motor pod — it’s gone!

I have a theory of what happened. 290 more words

Model Rockets

Syracuse Rocket Club Launch: Damage report, Mister Sulu

I’ve had worse launches. I think.

But maybe none with as high a casualty count…

July 2016 Syracuse Rocket Club launch. I was double booked in the afternoon so I got right down to the flights I felt I had to do, starting with my first entry in the ½A glider duration contest: the Uff Da, on a ½A3-2T. 547 more words


Building the Landis Nymph (part 5)

The last several pieces were glued on. Here’s a piece of launch lug (sloppily cut, as all my launch lug cuts tend to be) glued under the stab. 104 more words

Model Rockets

Building the Landis Nymph (part 4)

I was a little puzzled about the stab. Landis’s 1974 Model Rocketry article shows the stab mounted on top of the fuselage boom while von Kiparski’s 2002 redrawn plan has it underneath. 242 more words

Model Rockets

Homers' Odyssey - Book XIII

Odysseus finishes telling his stories to the Phaeacians and their king, Alcinous, at the end of book XII. Now the hosts prepare his crew and his ship full of gifts. 554 more words