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Oenone remembers Paris in the Spring

I remember well
Paris on flow’ring Ida.
For a ship-faced whore

he jilts me daily
and left pure love in fresh air
for city, war, doom.


The Season of Grottos

From late November, it’s impossible to go anywhere in London without coming across a grotto. They’re in shopping malls, primary school fairs, department stores, museums and even my local garden centre. 853 more words

18th Century

The Night Realm (Spell Weaver #1)

One of my favorite superheroes of all time was Peter Petrelli from Heroes – you know the one who can copy anyone’s powers? Clio is an innocent creature of nature, a nymph, who can do just that. 537 more words


Hylas' Fingertips

Hylas’ Fingertips

Graphite and white on laid paper, 192mm x 298mm

Collection of the artist


How to Tie a Gold Bead/Gold Ribbed Flashback Hare's Ear Fly: Video

When we talk about buggy flies what else comes to mind but the Hare’s ear. This is a personal favorite for me, it is a fly that I am constantly fishing and tying variations of. 137 more words

Fly Tying Video's