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Watching My Tiger Sleep, Part Three

Though our souls are tied
her flesh is indescribable.
She has a constant lust for meat
and I alone cannot fulfil this want
that she so often conveys in her every moment. 277 more words



when i was 15, i used to suck this guy’s cock. i never asked him to reciprocate anything, i never asked for money or anything. i never even asked him to kiss me. 658 more words


Film and Censorship: Lars Von Trier and Gasper Noe's Approach to Sex

Controversy always surrounds censorship, as described in my introduction to this series, but sex is a special contender that somehow offends far more than even the most crude, high-octane violence found in cinema. 460 more words


broken homes

i came from a broken home–i’m sure this is not a surprise for anyone. i don’t care about my past. it’s just disturbing to watch my younger siblings go through similar situations…coping techniques vary and emotional distress seems well seasoned in my family. 273 more words


sex & therapy go together like...two things that don't go together

i hate therapists. i hate the way they lean over their desk and make that “i’m here for you but also more professional and smarter than you” glare, then they smile at you when you make a joke and turn immediately serious again the second you say something sad. 703 more words


Nymphomaniac (Volumes 1 & 2)

Nymphomaniac Volumes I and II were radically different to what I expected, although I’m not entirely sure what that was. Either way, my first experience with a Lars von Trier film did not disappoint. 437 more words


Female Sexuality in Danish Cinema

Publiceret i Kinecko april 2015 – særnummer om dansk film.

På slovakisk…