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This quote was from the film Nymphomaniac by Lars Von Trier. When Joe said this, I believe it’s not just for the nymphos, but all of us who the society thinks have sinned too much.

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Nymphomaniac - Fishing With A Nymph

By Aiden Harmitt-Williams

The director’s cut of Nymphomaniac, a two-part film is more than meets the eye. It consists of five and a half hours’ worth of film, was released in 2013 and was directed by Lars Von Trier, a notoriously controversial director. 1,039 more words


Nymphomaniac (Vol.1): A film about sex or art?

Written and directed by Lars Von Trier, this film presents itself as a two-part drama art film… yet the title suggests something a tad more seedy. 738 more words


Women in art and life

Women don’t need chauvinism to set them back. They are already doomed by an insurmountable obstacle: each other.

To hear directly from the mouth of the first woman I had respect for that a male Hollywood actor having penetrative sex on screen makes him a dirty bastard is, at best, prudish. 139 more words

Prince Of FAILS

Movie Review Adult Content NSFW

Nymphomaniac: The Director’s Cut Volume 1 and 2. I could not find the Director’s Cut on IMDB, though it is on Netflix.

This movie is more than just sexual encounters. 240 more words

Nymphomaniac: Volume 2 (2013)

I waited a long time to review this second part, mainly because I wanted to forget about this movie. I was sorely disappointed with the conclusion of this film. 100 more words


He drank coffee...continued

My husband had been sitting at the man’s table for what seemed like forever before he came back to join me.  I sat quietly while he told me about the man, we’ll call him B. 971 more words