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Jamie Wei Huang AW15 : NYMPHOMANIAC

Salut mes amis !

“Jamie Wei Huang is a contemporary womenswear label which combines conceptual ideas with modern silhouette.” – london fashion week 

I absolutely love Jamie Wei Huang’s Autumn /Winter collection, each piece provokes a new emotion and her combination of fabrics is behold beautiful. 164 more words



When I call my wife “smelly”, it’s a compliment – though I’ve now been trained to call her “aromatic”, as apparently it’s less offensive…

But ohhhhh I love the smell (sorry “aroma”!) of my wife in the morning! 77 more words



There are some drawbacks to having a wife who fondles my willy all the time.

Take today – a normal workday where our “getting up and out” schedule is tighter than my wifelet’s own sweet pussy. 76 more words



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Divisive. Controversial. Contentious.
All words Lars Von Trier is pretty familiar with by now when it comes to reviews of his films…and not without reason, to be fair. 1,203 more words

Secrets of a Happy Marriage

The secret to a happy marriage lies of course in love and lots of laughter, but also in clear division of labour:

Me – do all the laundry, the cleaning, the DIY, make my wife’s morning cup of tea for her, pour her wine, make her dinner, pick her up on time from the station every weekday after work, let her watch whatever she wants to on TV, fill up her bedside water bottle when she waves it at me, arrange nice surprises, research clothing catalogues and buy her lots of nice things to wear, teach her to drive, come running whenever she calls, basically do whatever she asks me – and so on and so forth. 19 more words


Heart and Soul

What would be the good of a woman with all my wifelet’s various attributes (cock obsessed, slim, lithe, modelesque, always up for a bonking, intelligent, funny etc etc), if she was a complete bitch into the bargain…? 158 more words