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Food Review: H&H Restaurant & Catering, Kota Damansara

Moo had a sudden craving to seek out a restaurant she tried years ago (lol) so we went for lunch at a place called H&H Restaurant & Catering… 223 more words


Tingkat PeraMakan – Affordable Peranakan Food With Full Sets From $10, At Owen Road

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There are more modern Peranakan style restaurants opening in Singapore. Perhaps many are attempting to bridge the gap between the heritage cuisisne with younger diners which may not be that familiar with Nyonya food. 465 more words


Apa Mau Makan? - Ayam aka Chicken Pongteh 

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To run away from the chicken man Ryan! The chicken seller in the market (Not my son).

For a simple weeknight meal, chicken pongteh is super easy to whip up in a jiffy using a pressure cooker (or not). 457 more words


Ayam Tempera

Ayam Tempera (Recipe from Grandma Jenny Ong)


1 Chicken cut into pieces.

1 Yellow large onion

1 Chili (slice – optional)

1 tbs Black sauce… 84 more words

Nyonya Recipes

Asam Fish(Ikan Masak Asam)


6 Red Chilies
1 tbsp Baba’s chili powder
(alternative: 5 chili kering soaked and remove seeds.
Leave seeds if you want the extra spice) 130 more words


Kampung Vege, Melaka - 5

Kampung Vege is a very nice place to spend time. The restaurant has traditional ‘wau’ kites on the walls, bamboo weave panels, a pretty picture of kampung life, and a dividing wall between inside and out which is reminiscent of a porch of a traditional house here. 315 more words