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Nyonya cuisine!! I’m so hunger for nyonya food. This round I decided to visit this stall located behind the jonker street.

Look at the chilies dip and jenjaluk sauce! 290 more words

On the Trail of a Phoenix - Nasi Ulam

Nasi Ulam, or pronounced as “nasik ulam” in Baba Malay is a classic Peranakan dish which has its roots in Southeast Asian cooking. 1,926 more words


Grandma's Ayam Pongteh

There are so many versions of Pongteh be it chicken or pork. This is how my grandmother does it and it is one of our staples during Chinese New Year. 118 more words


Malacca; where cultures meet and fused

Malacca is a place where east meets west. It is a vibrant and culturally diverse city. It has a history of colonial rule of  Dutch, British and Portuguese. 681 more words


Food review: Semi-buffet lunch at The Lobby Lounge, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

In celebration of ASEAN’s 50th birthday, the Shangri-La Hotel group recently ran a series of #AseanIsMore campaigns and promotions. For those of you who don’t know, ASEAN stands for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, and is a loose grouping of nations somewhat similar to the EU. 1,005 more words


Recipe: Pongteh (Nyonya fermented soya bean stew)

This hearty, delicious stew is one of Baba-Nyonya cuisine’s most iconic dishes. Originating from the Southern Nyonya stronghold of Malacca, Pongteh has been gracing the family dinner tables of generations of the Peranakan community in Malaysia. 612 more words


21 new surprises as Malaka turns 20!

‘Regional’ cuisines can be inspired by the ingredients locally available, those traded, traditions, climates and culture(s). Imagine a place that’s been exposed to India and China… 432 more words