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#recipe: Nyonya prawns with coconut curry

It was one of those “let’s get creative with whatever is in the fridge” days. I love Nyonya cooking and the Malay recipe “kuah masak lemak” which kind of is like a coconut curry. 372 more words

Wormwood Glutinous Rice Cake



For the skin : Wormwood leaves 250g | Glutinous rice flour 500g | Sugar 1 cup

For the filling : Dried grated carrots 200g | Pork belly 250g | 1tsp Dried shrimp | Fried onion flakes 1tsp | Salt 1tsp | Ajinomoto 1tsp | Ground pepper 1tsp | Five-spice powder 1tsp | A little more fried onion flakes…

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Restaurant Nyonya Makko, Malacca

Malacca (i.e. Melaka in Malay Language) is known as the historical state of Malaysia. Its town is rich with heritage buildings, ancient landmarks and colonial structures.When we talk about Malacca and its history, we will think of the words – “Peranakan” or “Baba Nyonya”. 403 more words


On the Trail of the Phoenix -Revisiting Ayam Buah Keluak

There are many dishes which one can immediately draw parallelism to Peranakan culture, signature dishes which form the core of what is understood by many as “Straits Chinese cuisine” today. 2,158 more words


Pulot Panggang Sambal Lengkong

Don’t let your eyes deceive you. This is not the much coveted rempah udang, a Peranakan cuchi mulot which is a favorite amongst non-Peranakans as well. 1,120 more words


Pineapple Tarts

We are almost at the tail end of the Chinese New Year celebrations, where we say goodbye to the the year of the Wooden Goat and welcome in the year of the Fire Monkey! 799 more words


On the Trail of the Phoenix - Sambal Udang Belimbing

We enjoy homecooked food a lot. And because of that, we enjoy cooking at home a lot. What seemed to be a chore in the past, helping my mum wash the vegetables, cut the ingredients, tumbok the rempah in the past became what I missed the most now that mum is no longer with us. 771 more words