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I think this is the last post for Penang Food - 2015! XD More to come!

This Hai Nan Town is a Nyonya and Hai Nan Restaurant!

A place that suitable for family to dine in here as you can choose to be outdoor or indoor. 22 more words

Food Paradise

Heritage Village ~ Jaya Shopping Center

Heritage Village recently won a Best Nasi Lemak award on The Star People’s Food Awards and it was very surprising to me. When ensogo was offering a deal voucher, I jumped at the opportunity to try Heritage Village’s fare. 521 more words


The Flavours of Singapore

Customize menu… my Indian palate is accustomed to the 5 takes, of salt, sweet, sour, spice and acrid all together. I think it is politically correct to replace spice with chilli hot, and acrid with tangy I thought I am not confident about the correctness of the translation. 604 more words


Assam Prawns (Tamarind Prawns)

A common complaint about many Malaysian recipes is that they are usually complicated and often have a long list of intimidatingly exotic ingredients. Whilst the resulting meals are invariably worth the effort, for the most part this particular gripe about Malaysian food isn’t completely without merit. 477 more words


My mother, my anchor

Mum’s not been well lately. For a while she was recovering, but with the recent passing of her youngest brother, her health got worse and she slipped into a depression that I’ve never seen before. 1,213 more words

Life Lessons

Let's toss for it......Nyonya Nasi Ulam or Nyonya Herb Rice


Cooked rice, cooled

Salted fish, pan fried and chopped

Dried prawns, pan fried and chopped

Shrimp paste, pan fried and pounded

Slice very finely the following :- 79 more words


Cermin dan Nyonya

Ada Nyonya pergi ke pasar, membawa serta pelayannya. Nyonya keliling pasar mencari cermin. Cermin di rumah rusak pagi ini, pecah kena teriakan Nyonya. Pelayan ikut mengintil di belakang Nyonya, memastikan Nyonya tak memecahkan cermin-cermin di pasar juga. 220 more words