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Tamarind Chicken

Being known to give a sweet and sour taste, tamarind is widely used in Asian cooking.

As I grew up, I’ve learnt that my grandmother is a Nyonya.

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Penang - a mix of roti and rice

Ask anyone in Malaysia and they will tell you Penang is different; Penang is “China”. This is because¬†Penang’s majority population is Chinese, which is on par with the nation’s ethnic majority, the Malays. 833 more words


One Bowl Restaurant & Bar - Sultan Hotel

One Bowl Restaurant & Bar is a place that we had been looking forward to visiting for quite a while now, especially considering the hype over social media about the food that they had been serving up since its launch in early 2018. 1,062 more words


Simple Life, Kuala Lumpur - 4

Mini review today. Simple Life is a vegetarian chain restaurant, serving mostly asian meals but with some western choices too. They are mostly set up in shopping malls.  159 more words


24 Hours in Melaka

A popular getaway for Singaporeans is a bus trip to historic Melaka. The Malaysian city is a striking contrast to the modernity (and prices!) of Singapore. 427 more words


Pongteh, Tau Yew Bak, Tu Ka Chor: I love them all!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love all things with soy sauce.

You can say I’m ‘soy’ into them.

From the Cantonese, Hakka, Hokkien, Teochew to Peranakan, every Malaysian Chinese community has a variation of a dark, saucy braised pork dish. 989 more words


The Origin, Kuala Lumpur - 3

The Origin is a vegetarian Malay/Chinese place about 3km away from KLCC. It’s a nice restaurant, which feels very modern – slightly unusual for Chinese vegetarian places here. 154 more words