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Former NYC Mayor Turned 2020 Candidate Says He Regrets Policing Policy

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Michael Bloomberg expressed regret on Tuesday for the impact his hard-line policing tactics had on minorities during his time as New York City mayor and pledged during a meeting with advocates of reform to focus on criminal justice if elected president. 441 more words

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Inside Look Episode 11

Malcolm with a hammer in his hand about to break his other hand

What will Junkyard killer make Malcolm go this mad to make Malcolm almost breaking his own hand? 59 more words

Malcolm Bright

Video Shows Racist White Woman Stalking And Assaulting Black Men In NYC Subway

Another day, another white person has been caught on video being a racist. Now Twitter is doing their work to expose this bold racist.

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Silent Night Episode 10

It starts with Malcolm watching Ainsley television interview with their serial killer father, Malcolm’s hand is shaking because sight his father give him tumblers but interrupt with Jessica shoe in Malcolm television. 414 more words

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58 People Arrested in Anti-NYPD Protest

NYPD police officers at the Harlem protest.
Photo by Afia Eama

Police arrested 58 people after Friday night’s protest against increased policing in the subways. … 480 more words

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Retired man’s home seized over $8.41 in unpaid property taxes

A few tidbits for all those big government lovers.

This highlights a very important lesson: when governments are broke, they will plunder the wealth of their citizens in order to make ends meet, even if it means stealing a retired man’s home. 662 more words

Latest subway brouhaha misses the point

Citizens voiced criticism of the police when a woman selling churros was handcuffed by NYPD officers at the Broadway Junction station in Brooklyn.

The police said the vendor had been issued several citations and had refused officers’ orders to move. 582 more words

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