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Meanwhile: I Feel Awful

Even though I had a lot I wanted to say during Combichrist week, I have posted nothing. For the one or two of you who wait with mild anticipation for my next spew of nonsense and anecdotes, I apologize for the extended silence. 552 more words



I find myself at home, in bed, trying to shake off bad thoughts..
I feel like going out, getting drunk, looking hot, and getting laid. 262 more words

Personal Writing

Just an update...

I’m sick, guys!

So, I went on a camping trip with two of my adorable nephews last weekend, and it was an amazing time, really, but… my youngest neph had a cough during the night, and then I woke up with a soar throat a few days after getting back home, and then… I woke up today with a full-blown head cold. 208 more words

What's Up Now, Homedog?

Here's My Fantastic 5 For Fighting The Flu - Conquer The Cold This Season With The Dream Team

The Cold and Flu season comes around yearly and claims the days and nights of many professionals, including working women, mothers, children and families. When the flu is passed on through the members of the home, this can create a storm of sniffles, sneezes, watery eyes, sore throats, body aches and pains that are just too much for you to handle as the executive of the estate. 948 more words



Okay so I promised a more positive post yesterday and I did not deliver. I’m sorry.

Okay apologies covered, let’s get into it.

Aloha humans! Long time no see! 221 more words


Sick Day

Aloha humans! Turns out my mental health day was more of a sick day. I started getting a cold yesterday. Today I have to stay home cuz I’m running a fever. 72 more words


It's still Monday. Barely.

I live and love with you
This charming life

Lyrics by Joan Armatrading ~This Charming Life

My son came home on Thursday with the beginning of the School Plague.

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