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Down With The Sickness

So I’m down with the sickness. :( It’s not fun. I took nyquil last night around 7PM and I’m pretty sure it kicked in at 6:30AM this morning. 133 more words

Cooties. The blogpost about nothing. 


I thought going to the doctor would bring me relief. Instead I got unwanted feedback over my ambien prescription, my Apple Watch possibly letting off radiation and other shit. 142 more words


Under the mistletoe

Under the mistletoe,
Her heart was racing.
No he didn’t propose,
It was the darn cold medicine!

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may 13

yeah buddy. had nyquil last night, went to bed at 9 pm hahaha.

ultimately i think MJ is MUCCHHHHH better than nyquil for sleeping. 2,408 more words

Nyquil Tastes Like Jager

But this loneliness, and isolation, and the change of seasons, and the dust bunnies under the TV stand, and these eye glasses that keep sliding down my oily nose . 182 more words

Bored And Broke

AKA Quil

Sick. dayQuil. nyquil. nend the cure

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My Wife Has A Cold, Time to Break Out The Warm Water, Lemon Juice, & Honey

My wife had an off day. And I mean she had an off day. She was tired the moment she got home. She took some asprin and a nap. 97 more words

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