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Peach State says: Long Time No Breathe

Between the wonderful-bipolar-pollen-coating-bloom-bursting-southern-seasonal-change and track season I can’t breath! The tightness and raspy vocalizing are beginning to irritate me in more ways than one. “Of course my hubby started it with his need for the NyQuil and Daquil regiment!” I love my hubby more than he knows..BUT…I wish he would get better quickly. 11 more words

Just Between Cousins

Stranger Dreams

Since March has felt more like February, it’s not surprise the wifey has been fighting off a cold for the last few days. But when I started feeling the symptoms too, I decided to drink a shot of NyQuil. 536 more words


My Thursday of Early Dismissal, Pristine Parking jobs, Bomb Sandwiches, and Rock Hopping

Yesterday I got out early from school at 12:45 ¬†because I don’t have a 6th period. Since I got out early and hadn’t written anything for this blog this week I decided to do something with my day that would be interesting and fun. 498 more words

Mission Creek

Down With The Sickness

So I’m down with the sickness. :( It’s not fun. I took nyquil last night around 7PM and I’m pretty sure it kicked in at 6:30AM this morning. 133 more words

Cooties. The blogpost about nothing. 


I thought going to the doctor would bring me relief. Instead I got unwanted feedback over my ambien prescription, my Apple Watch possibly letting off radiation and other shit. 142 more words


Under the mistletoe

Under the mistletoe,
Her heart was racing.
No he didn’t propose,
It was the darn cold medicine!

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may 13

yeah buddy. had nyquil last night, went to bed at 9 pm hahaha.

ultimately i think MJ is MUCCHHHHH better than nyquil for sleeping. 2,408 more words