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Okay so I promised a more positive post yesterday and I did not deliver. I’m sorry.

Okay apologies covered, let’s get into it.

Aloha humans! Long time no see! 221 more words


Sick Day

Aloha humans! Turns out my mental health day was more of a sick day. I started getting a cold yesterday. Today I have to stay home cuz I’m running a fever. 72 more words


It's still Monday. Barely.

I live and love with you
This charming life

Lyrics by Joan Armatrading ~This Charming Life

My son came home on Thursday with the beginning of the School Plague.

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Name Brand vs Store Brand

When you are at Target and in the medicine isle do you reach for the name brand “Nyquil” or are you ok with buying the Target brand “up and up”? 144 more words

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The Nyquil Hangover Detailed Information

Among the most deadly unwanted effects to 1 of the greatest medications created, the hangover is definitely after consuming the material an overall guarantee. You have a chilly. 568 more words


Five Conditions You Shouldn’t Take Antibiotics for Sore Throat

When you’re feeling lousy, you need a convenient solution for whatever’s feeble you. Be that as it may, notwithstanding what you may think, an ideal approach to feel better may not be through anti-infection agents. 467 more words

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Teenage Drug Abuse: The Cough Syrup High Called Robotripping

High school medicates manhandle, and growing liquor addiction destroys a teenager’s life and shreds their family. The teenage years are portrayed by hazard taking conduct and impulsivity. 583 more words

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