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The Man Flu

My husband has a cold
You all know how that goes
He might just sneeze himself to death
Die of a stuffy nose

My husband has a cold… 124 more words



“Saturday night is perfect for writers because other people have ‘plans.’”

– Mike Birbiglia

(Not sure what my thing is with comedians lately but writing this made me think of…

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when you want it the least is when you need it the most

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Last week a friend came to take a yoga class with me, her first time back in years. As we left the studio and headed downtown she asked, “So are you always present during class?” (She meant present in my brain.) (She meant because I’m a yoga teacher I… 407 more words


Drawing can help you feel better when you do not feel well…
I draw anything, even NyQuil bottles.

From A Sketchbook

Ode to NyQuil 

Oh! NyQuil!

Why has it been so long since I felt your love?

I’d been suffering for days until I remembered how wonderful you are. How hard working. 281 more words


Uh Oh—A Greeting Card From The North Pole?

Ordinarily, I love this festive time of year. Twinkling lights hanging from all the trees, cold, breezy, winter nights.

Never mind that you can’t see their reflection on the wet streets below because of all the bumper-to-bumper holiday traffic—I expect that sort of thing at Christmas time. 974 more words

Feeling Free

I have been very social this past week. This is not the norm for someone who is a homebody. However, recently I have been focusing on doing one thing a day that scares me. 278 more words