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One From the Archive: 'Cassandra at the Wedding' by Dorothy Baker *****

First published in April 2014.

I received the gorgeous NYRB edition of Cassandra at the Wedding (pictured) for Christmas, and from what I already knew of the book, I was almost certain that I would adore it before I even began it.  520 more words

The Consequences of Cutting Technology's Tether

In reading Proud Beggars by Albert Cossery, I came across a quote that I can sympathize with. The book is set in the impoverished neighborhoods of Cairo and focuses on three men who have willfully chosen to live among the poor, finding pride in a more simple lifestyle. 368 more words


Today's Work

Today I wrote 1003 words.

117 of these were longhand, the third draft of a poem I’m calling “Two Lights.”

107 of these were the fourth draft of the same poem when I typed it into my tablet (so I left out ten words which is usually a good thing). 425 more words


Review- Akenfield: Portrait of an English Village by Ronald Blythe

I received and advanced review copy of this title from the New York Review of Books.

My Review:
This book is a history of the British village of Akenfield in Suffolk, England as told through the stories and narratives of its own citizens.  759 more words


In Love by Alfred Hayes

A couple of years ago I read My Face for the World to See by Alfred Hayes, a story of an affair between a married man and a wounded aspiring actress ( 1,317 more words

Book Reviews

Thus Were Their Faces by Silvina Ocampo (tr. Daniel Balderston)

My first encounter with Silvina Ocampo’s work came in the shape of Where There’s Love, There’s Hate, a novella she co-wrote with her husband, Adolfo Bioy Casares. 1,569 more words

Book Reviews

"So we were back at the beginning again."

I gravitate toward narrative, its offering of logic; a pattern is created even when it does not announce itself. (In this way, you can attempt order.) And so I assign a rationale to my reading of late: In the one pile are books that insist on distraction, and in another pile are books that tempt resonance. 736 more words