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A Battle Over Prayer in Schools Tests Canada’s Multiculturalism - The New York Times

One of the better and more in-depth articles (the Times is certainly increasing the breadth and depth of its coverage of Canada):

The turmoil is one reflection of how…

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Packin’ Light Heat ©

Virtually all states in the U.S. permit you pack heat (carry weapons) strapped to your hip like Wyatt Earp.   That’s your constitutional right. Forty-nine of the 50 states also let you to carry concealed weapons if  you have  the proper state-issued permit. 671 more words


NY Times & Being American

I subscribe to the New York Times Morning Briefing, appearing in my inbox six out of the seven days of the week. It’s a round up of everything that’s happened in the last 24 hours, and there’s links to articles on health, the arts, tech, recipes, and more. 2,286 more words

A [Kellie Leitch] Tweet Stirs Up Canada’s Immigration Debate - The New York Times

Why does it take the NYT to report this? How did the Canadian media (to my knowledge) miss this important background:

Mr. Rafia and his wife, Raghda Aldndal, were the subject of a sensitive and probing…

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The Hidden Treasures in Italian #Libraries by David Laskin

In Florence, Rome and beyond, these buildings are a feast not only for book lovers, but for art and architecture enthusiasts as well.

In the madness of late spring at San Marco Square in Venice, amid the hordes pouring in from land and sea, hard by the hissing espresso machines and sizzling panini presses of overpriced cafes, I found the still point of the turning world. 165 more words


Gender in the news

Today’s New York Times reports that shows challenging gender roles will now receive a rating from Common Sense Media, a group that offers online ratings for parents concerned about the shows their children watch.   225 more words

The Maddening Crowd

As most of you probably know, the Times has decided to get rid of their public editor position. Why? Not entirely clear. Budget cuts is always a possible reason, of course, although it is only one salary. 909 more words