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NYTimes Censors Pakistan By-Elections

For all their shortcomings, NYTimes’ reporting is generally accurate to the best of their knowledge, though, Op-Eds are a different story.

The way NYTimes functions in the propaganda network is by choosing what not to report. 686 more words


You can find many places on the internet where you are encouraged to Follow Your Passion. One such place is here: Why Following Your Passions Is Good for You (and How to Get Started) – The New York Times…

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Have you ever seen a dog reading the newspaper? lol

Buddy perusing the @NYTimes @NYPost @AsburyParkPress. What’s woofin’?

Have you ever seen a dog bored of reading?


Protecting our vulnerable from and Impulse

I wrote about a young woman who tried to commit suicide by shooting herself in the face.  She survived and received a face transplant.  When she decided to reach for a gun and end her life, it was a moment, an impulse.   404 more words

Gun Control

Trump's Jab at the Fossil Fuel Industry

In a blow to the fossil fuels industry, Trump is planning to lift a federal ban on sales of higher ethanol blends of gasoline in the summer. 735 more words


Regime Permanence | Paul Krugman's Postscript

Dear All,

Please see Paul Krugman’s postscript to my article REGIME PERMANENCE.

Asher Edelman

The Paranoid Style in G.O.P. Politics

Republicans are an authoritarian regime in waiting… 880 more words