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MOP: (Questing) Impressions....

Well I have not posted in awhile and after D3 I was taking a break for quite a bit but I have been playing MOP and though I didn’t start raiding this week to work on gear I have to say I have been overall pleased with the experience thus far. 635 more words


Mage: Mists of Pandaria Preview

So I’ve done some beta and have gotten to level 86 so far, though I haven’t played since the last update I’m hoping to get more questing done to level up into the other zones. 91 more words


Dragon Soul Progression: Completed - WF Madness by KIN Raiders


So today KIN Raiders downed Madness of Deathwing and I would like to say much congratulations to them as they came out of nowhere with the 7/8 and then swiftly closed the door on progression for this expansion. 318 more words